100-Year Old Grandmother Skydives

grandma-skydiveSome people believe that you are never too old to try most things in life but would you consider skydiving from several thousand feet at 100 years of age? Let’s be honest, there are possibly very few people of that age who would even consider getting in a plane never mind jumping out of one!

Well, that is exactly what an elderly lady decided to do in South Australia a few days ago. Another lovely thing about this story is that she made the sky dive for a very good cause.

Irene O’Shea was born in May 1916 so she has only very recently reached the milestone of being 100 years of age. As part of celebrating living to such an age she decided to take to the air and go tandem skydiving and raise some money for a worthwhile charity at the same time.

Unfortunately, back in 2008, her daughter Shelagh passed away having got Motor Neurone disease so her mother felt that that would be a worthy charity to benefit from any money she raised as a result of skydiving.

Anyway, Irene took to the air and was flown to a height of 12,000 feet before jumping from the plane attached to another skydiver. It would appear from the photographs that were taken of Skydiving Grandmaher safe descent to the ground that she thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Apparently, she is not averse to adventure activities as she has also been up in a glider in the past and has enjoyed many a trip abroad travelling by herself.

This lady, who is presumably not frightened of heights, has 5 grandchildren as well as 11 great-grandchildren all of whom must have been extremely proud of her. She is also to be congratulated because, in completing this skydive, she has become the oldest person in South Australia to do so.

We wonder what she will do for her next adrenalin rush?

Congratulations and very well done to Irene O’Shea from all the staff here at AIB Insurance.

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