Catering Van Insurance

If you run a mobile catering business from a van or trailer then you will require catering van insurance to provide peace of mind should the unfortunate happen. For instance, if your vehicle is damaged due to a fire whilst cooking or should it be involved in a road traffic accident then you will wish to ensure adequate cover is in place.

Whether you have a burgerCatering Van Insurance van, fish and chip van, snack van, sandwich van, coffee and tea van, ice ream van, hot dog van, kebab van or pizza van to name but a few types of mobile catering van businesses or even a mobile shop operating from a van selling general household provisions we can help arrange suitable competitive, quality insurance cover. Here at AIB Insurance, we have an extensive panel of carefully selected insurers through whom a tailor-made policy can be arranged to cover your mobile hot and/or cold food and/or drinks catering van business.

Features of a mobile catering van insurance policy could include things like: –

• Fully comprehensive insurance to cover not only other vehicles damaged or written off in a road traffic accident but also your own van.
• Legal cover.
• Windscreen cover.
• Breakdown cover to help you get back on the road as quickly as possible.
• Personal accident cover should you be unable to work having had an accident or serious illness preventing you from working.
• Fixtures, fittings and contents cover for the theft or damage caused to things contained in the van or trailer such as microwave, goods and utensils.
• Public liability cover should a member of the public sue you for damages perhaps as a result of being injured in a road traffic accident.
• Employer’s liability cover should one of your employees take you to court perhaps following he or she having had an accident at work.
• Product liability cover should a customer sue you for the likes of food poisoning.
• Business interruption cover should your van be inoperative due to, for instance, being involved in a road traffic accident and therefore being off the road for some weeks thus impacting on the trading performance of your business.

Mobile catering vans and trailers of varying sizes can be insured whether the vehicle is located in say a layby to attract passing vehicle owners such as a lorry driver looking for a bacon butty and a mug of hot tea for breakfast, at a pop festival to feed and water music followers or at an equestrian event to cater for visitors and participants to the show. Cover can be arranged for either purpose built or specially converted catering vans and for most makes and models of vehicle.

So, if you are looking for mobile catering van insurance, why not contact us here at AIB Insurance on 02380 268 351 and speak with an experienced, friendly member of our staff. He or she will discuss your requirements and then look to obtain a competitive quotation from our extensive, specialist insurance panel for your perusal and consideration. Assuming that you are happy to proceed, cover can quickly be put in place.