Modified Vehicle Insurance

AIB love modified vehicles as much as you!

subaru imprezaIf you’re the owner of a modified vehicle you will understand how frustrating it is to find a insurance company that can cover you properly.

At AIB we offer exceptional tailored insurance and can cover almost any modification, no matter how large or small those changes may be.  We understand the importance of declaring all and any modifications and with a wide selection of the UK’s leading insurers on our panel, we can help you make that choice and save you money.




Our highly-qualified team of advisors know that a modified car is unique and will help you find the best quality cover for the best price on an individual basis.  We can save you money if you choose one of our limited mileage options and give healthy discounts for owners club membership, length of ownership and garaging or keeping the vehicle off the road overnight.

Just some of our features avaiable to our clients:

  • Ferrari Dino Insurance (2)Tailored Modified car insurance
  • Owners Club member discounts
  • Multi-vehicle policies
  • Fully comprehensive cover
  • European breakdown cover
  • Limited and agreed mileage discounts
  • Car security discounts
  • Experienced performance car drivers discounts

Speak to our team today on 02380 268351 for an instant quote and cover.