Car of the Day… BMW M3 Coupe


The BMW M3 is a high-performance version of the BMW 3 Series developed by BMW’s in-house motorsport division, BMW M GmbH. M3 models have been produced for every generation of 3 Series since the E30 M3 was introduced in 1986.



The initial model of the BMW M3 was available in a coupe body style, with a convertible body style added soon after. The M3’s biggest contribution to both driver safety and the performance industry is BMW’s continual development of their limited-slip differential, which mathematically maximizes torque and grip without compromising handling. The M3’s most notable implementation of technology came in 1992 when they fitted the E36 M3 was outfitted with the SMG-I gearbox. After this occurred, it officially took the title as the fastest shifting gear box in the world!



CoupeA massive thank you to our client Mr V for letting us showcase his incredible BMW M3 Coupe!

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Car of the Day… Jensen GT


The Jensen GT is a British sports car. It was introduced by Jensen Motors in 1975 as the shooting-break version of the Jensen-Healey. During its short production run from September 1975 to May 1976, 511 Jensen GTs were built before Jensen Motors went into receivership.


The only estate-bodied Jensen car made, the GT represented, along with the Coupé, the company’s swansong. It remained in production right up until the last day the company was in operation before the liquidation in May 1976. Introduced alongside the Coupé at Earls Court in October 1975, the GT shared the dubious distinction of being a model introduced under the shadow of receivership with that car.

Although the GT was not unveiled until late 1975, ideas for something like it had been around for almost as long as the Healey. Drawings of an estate version can be discovered from as early as 1972.

From 1974 to 1976, only 511 GTs were made with 230 of them being sent to Mainland UK and 260 were sent to the USA. The first Jensen GT was made in 1974, the next 216 made in 1975 and the final 294 were made in 1976. This makes the oldest Jensen GT 48 years old. Had the cars continued in production for longer than circumstances allowed, GTs would probably have followed the Healey in finding their way to North America in larger numbers.

Thank you to our client, Mr C, for letting us show of his incredible Jensen GT!

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Car of the Day .. Lotus Elan +2S!

In 1948, Colin Chapman CBE, founded one of the most iconic British racing car companies of all time. Lotus is profoundly known for, not only their Formula 1 team but for their 2 seater sports cars sold in the tens of thousands.




The Lotus Elan was the first Lotus road car to use a steel backbone chassis with a fiberglass body. This style of construction was to be repeated in subsequent Lotus models for nearly three decades.



In 1971 the Elan +2S was upgraded to include the Big Valve engine and then renamed to the +2S 130. This stunning example of the +2S is owned by one of our clients. The vehicle has undergone a full nut and bolt restoration and resprayed by a Lotus specialist in Lagoon Blue with a contrasting silver metal flake roof. Alongside the full restoration and paint job, the car has had a full interior re-trim, making this look as good as the day it rolled of the factory line in Norfolk. In fact, with under a thousand miles on the clock this may be one of the best examples of an Elan left in the country. Unfortunately, it’s not known how many rolled out the RAF based factory; however, it is estimated at roughly 3,300 with under 1,000 left on the roads today.


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Car of the Day..MG B V8!

The 1975 MG GT V8. A true British icon in the motoring world. Sporting a 3,258cc Rover V8 engine pushing the cars top speed at 125mph, impressive for the age!



The Rover V8 engine powering the MG first featured in the infamous Rover P5B. Widely known for being used by high-ranking government ministers and ex-prime ministers such as Harold Wilson, Edward Heath, James Callaghan and Margaret Thatcher. The engine even has royal roots with Queen Elizabeth the second, owning a P5B that also guest-featured on the BBC Motoring show “Top Gear”.



Although the short lived production line of the V8 variant only spanning 3 years, MG managed to produce 2591 models out of the factory in Abingdon, Oxford. The average price of the MG back then would only set you back £1,925! That’s a mere £16,901 in today’s money, not a bad price to pay for a lightweight, convertible, 2 seater sports car! Unfortunately, the fuel crisis following October 1973’s middle east war was the first domino to fall in the V8’s demise, as well as many other big engines of the time. The car was dropped in 1976 mainly due to the fuel crisis. However the legacy lives on as it is still the most popular modification of the MG, swapping it to the glorious Rover V8 engine.



A massive thank you to our client Mr B for letting us showcase his MG in the stunning Vermillion red paint.


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Its MG Week!!

This is week is dedicated to showing off all the wonderful MG’s that we insure here at AIB Insurance!

First up 1974 MG B ROADSTER!

When you think of a classic sports car its a British convertible with 2 seats, more than likely an MG will spring to mind first!

First founded in the 1920’s, MG has a deep history. With roots going back to Morris, another British classic icon.

The MG B Roadster was the first of the MGB range to be produced. Manufactured for just shy of 20 years, it puts the MGB Roadster in the running for one of the greatest 2 seater sports cars to come from Britain.



When it comes to the engine powering the MGB, its heart is the 1.8 liter twin carburetor, producing 94 horsepower, it got the job done for the lightweight 1064kg curb weight. The B series engine they created turned into an excellent choice for commercial vans of the time, creating a diesel alternative featuring on the Leyland Sherpa van. The engine is so well built that it is still commonly used on narrowboats on the canals of the UK.



Thank you to our client, Mr N, for letting us show of his stunning MG B Roadster in the lovely Damask Red!

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Car of the Day…Land Rover Series 2A!

In production for 10 years from 1961-1971.

The land rover series are compact British off-road vehicles, produced by the rover company since 1948. Inspired by the World War 2 jeep, The Land Rover immediately distinguished itself from other cars.


The series 2a is considered the most hardy series model constructed and is quite possibly the most classic type of Land Rover that features strongly in the general public’s perception, from its many appearances in film and television.



The Series II Land Rover replaced Series I production in 1958, initially sporting the original two liter engine from the series I. Once supply ran dry, the 2286cc engine was introduced, which has proven to be a popular and reliable unit ever since. Designs changed over the following years, with the most significant being the moving of the headlights to the wings in 1969. Also introduced at this time was the razor style bonnet and Maltese grille; later to be followed by the plastic grille as used on the Series III.


Thankyou to your lovely client Mr L for letting us show off his Land Rover Series 2A!

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Car of the Day … Volkswagon Westfalia!

The Volkswagen Westfalia camper has become something of an icon in European and American culture, a symbol of hippy and surf culture that grew into the mid to late 1960’s.


They epitomize outdoor adventure lifestyle, favoured by Campers, Surfers, Skiers and adventure travelers for the versatility and functionality of what the Westfalia can offer.



They have been one of the leading names in camper van conversions, constantly maintaining the comfort, style and dependability that is now synonymous with the brand.



The Westfalia camper was a conversion of the Type 2 and Type 2 T3,  sold from the early 1950sto 2003.



Early models sported the iconic split windscreen before Volkswagen transitioned to the bay-window with large, single curved windshield and sliding side door, the Westfalia camper was modified to include an angled poptop. This design provided space for a large child’s cot overhead, and on later models, the poptop was further enlarged to fit a full bed large enough for two adults.


Westfalia Campers were available from Volkswagen dealers worldwide and were also delivered via the Tourist Delivery Program — where a customer would pick up their new van in Germany, drive it in Europe, then VW would ship it to the customer’s home. Many Volkswagen Campers were purchased by American servicemen and sent home in the 1950s and 1960s.


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Car of the Day.. Morris Minor Traveller!

The Morris Minor is a British economy family car that made its debut in 1948, more than 1.6 Million were made between 1948 and 1972.



Originally only available as a two door saloon or tourer, the four door salon was introduced in September 1950, known as the Traveller. This Wood Framed estate car was the first to sell over a million units and has always been considered a classic example of automotive design, typifying ‘Englishness’.



The External structure to The Traveler are made from varnished Ash (wood) for a highly visible feature.


Our lovely Client Mrs B has allowed us to show off her classic Traveller.

We have this beautiful Traveller insured under a specialist policy offering; agreed value, choice of repairer, legal expenses, salvage retention and many more benefits which we offer here at AIB Insurance.

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Car of the Day.. Plymouth Belvedere!

The Plymouth Belvedere is an American made car manufactured by Plymouth, part of the Chrysler Corporation, from 1954 until 1970.



The name plate ‘Belvedere’ is Italian for ‘Beautiful sight’ or ‘Fair View’ and with the tailfin rear that perfectly encompasses the 50’s – 60’s era of automobiles , we could agree more with the name.



The 1956’s models came with more upgrades with the notable introduction of the first push-button automatic transmission to appear in America. Along with more V8 power upgrades.

World Famous NASCAR Racer Richard ‘The King’ Petty’s Plymouth Belvedere can be found in pride of place at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, NC!


The Belvedere continued as Plymouths full sized car until 1965 when it was replaced with the 1970 Satellite.

Belvederes were also used in the police services through the late 1960’s to the early 1970’s, a favorite of the LAPD and NYPD!


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