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Car of the Day … Volkswagon Westfalia!

The Volkswagen Westfalia camper has become something of an icon in European and American culture, a symbol of hippy and surf culture that grew into the mid to late 1960’s.


They epitomize outdoor adventure lifestyle, favoured by Campers, Surfers, Skiers and adventure travelers for the versatility and functionality of what the Westfalia can offer.



They have been one of the leading names in camper van conversions, constantly maintaining the comfort, style and dependability that is now synonymous with the brand.



The Westfalia camper was a conversion of the Type 2 and Type 2 T3,  sold from the early 1950sto 2003.



Early models sported the iconic split windscreen before Volkswagen transitioned to the bay-window with large, single curved windshield and sliding side door, the Westfalia camper was modified to include an angled poptop. This design provided space for a large child’s cot overhead, and on later models, the poptop was further enlarged to fit a full bed large enough for two adults.


Westfalia Campers were available from Volkswagen dealers worldwide and were also delivered via the Tourist Delivery Program — where a customer would pick up their new van in Germany, drive it in Europe, then VW would ship it to the customer’s home. Many Volkswagen Campers were purchased by American servicemen and sent home in the 1950s and 1960s.


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