Terms & Conditions of Business

Terms & Conditions of Business

Please read this agreement carefully as it sets out the terms on which we agree to act for you and contains details of our regulatory and statutory responsibilities. Please contact us immediately if there is anything in these terms of business that you do not understand or with which you disagree.

About Us

Airsports Insurance Bureau Limited is an independent intermediary offering insurance to meet the needs of a wide range of individuals and companies.

As an Independent Broker we offer products from a range of Insurers for Private Motor Vehicle, Commercial Vehicle, Motorcycles, Household Buildings and Contents, Travel, Commercial Risk Insurance as well as other risks. After a fair analysis of the market we will advise and make recommendations whilst considering your demands and needs for these products. In certain circumstances we will only deal with a limited panel or single insurer. A list of these undertakings is available on request.

Client Agreement – How we are regulated

Airsports Insurance Bureau Ltd t/as AIB,
Floor 1 Oakmount House, Oakmount Road, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, S053 2LH.
Telephone – 02380 268 351
Email – info@aib-insurance.co.uk

The Regulator    
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is an independent watchdog who regulates financial services.

Our Financial Services Register number is 312153 and you can check our status and permissions at https://register.fca.org.uk/ or by contacting the FCA on 0800 111 6768.

Our Activities  

The FCA has authorised us to advise, arrange, deal in and assist with the placing and administration of all types of General Insurance policies.

We are also authorised to undertake the following Consumer Credit Activities:

Credit Broking (where we act as a credit broker)

Our Service

We can act both as agent of insurer, and on behalf of you, the customer. We have in place management controls to deal with any conflicts of interest which might arise. Unless we advise you otherwise, we are acting on your behalf.

We also act on behalf of insurers when collecting premiums under risk transfer (See “Money” section)

We will ask questions to enable us to assess reasonably your insurance requirements, this may include checking information we already hold about you and your existing insurance arrangements with us and other parties.

We will provide you with advice and guidance, after assessing what you want and need and recommend a suitable policy based on our experience of dealing with similar risks.  

We will confirm to you the level of service we are providing as part of our sales process.  In all cases our service will include arranging and administering your insurance, including helping you with on-going changes.

If we use the services of another intermediary to place your insurance, we will advise you of the name of the intermediary we use and the name of the insurer

Your Duty of Disclosure

You must take care to answer all questions fully and accurately to the best of your reasonable knowledge as your insurance acceptance, contract (including terms conditions and premium) are based upon this information. You must ensure that you are complying with your legal duty in disclosing all material facts relating to the risk. If you are unsure whether a fact is relevant, please tell us anyway.

It is your responsibility to provide complete and accurate information to the Insurer throughout the life of your policy, this begins from the point of quotation, throughout the policy duration and when the contract is renewed. Any change in your circumstance or the risk itself must be notified to us immediately, cover may be invalid until your Insurers have agreed cover based on any such change.

Please note any questions incorrectly answered being accidental or deliberate may invalidate your insurance cover and could result in all or part of a claim not being paid. We do not accept liability for any errors or omissions, where a member of staff has completed (or assisted in completing) the proposal form, a copy of which is available on request. Your Insurers hold the right to cancel or void all cover in these circumstances. It is important that all documentation we send to you is checked immediately to ensure all information is correct.

If any information is incorrect, please advise us immediately.

Duty of Disclosure for Vans and Trade Vehicles

Under the Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representation) Act 2012 it is your duty to take reasonable care not to make a misrepresentation to an insurer.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all information you provide to us is true, accurate and complete and that you disclose all relevant and material facts. If you do not provide accurate information and disclose all relevant facts this could lead to your policy being invalid and claims may not be paid.

We cannot be held responsible if your selected product is invalid because of your error in providing correct information, or from a failure to disclose all material facts to us.

Once you have purchased a product, it is important that you read all documents issued to you ensure that you are aware of any levels of cover, financial limits and any other terms which apply. Particular attention should be paid to any warranties and conditions as failure to comply with them could invalidate your policy. If any information is not correct, it is your responsibility to identify the mistake and correct this by telephoning us on 023 8026 8351.

Changes to your policy

Please notify us immediately if there are any changes to the details upon which your insurance was arranged, to ensure your policy does not become invalid.

Examples of changes include (but are not limited to):

  • Change in place and type of work undertaken.
  • Change of trade.
  • Modifications to vehicle/s.
  • Change in use of vehicle/s.
  • Convictions, accidents or DVLA-notifiable health issues relating to all drivers insured.
  • Change of business type.

What You Pay

All quotations are guaranteed subject to the information supplied and acceptance by insurers. All premiums quoted will be the total cost which you will pay including Insurance Premium Tax but excluding any interest that may be due (Dependent on your payment method).

Like other providers, we charge a fee. This is so those customers who do not make any changes do not bear the cost for those who do and helps us to keep policy prices down.

Please note we make the following charges to cover administration costs:

Arrangement of new policies and renewals:

£45 or 20% of the premium, whichever is greater

Change to any policy details


Replacement of duplicate documents


Collection of Direct Debit payment by card (charged directly by the finance provider)


Payments not honoured by your bank or instalment not met by the due date (charged directly by the finance provider)


Failure to provide proof of your No Claims Bonus within the required time frames


Changes made to your policy as a result of inaccuracies in your policy information being identified


Payment of premium using Third Party instalment facilities
We use Close Brothers Premium Finance (CBPF) to provide credit facilities to our customers they are the Lender. Full details of their charges will be provided in any credit agreement and pre contract information by the credit provider.

Please see your credit agreement with CBPF for your terms of agreement, payments and charges relating to them.

Cancellation Fees

Insurers cancellation charges and cancellation fees can be found in your policy booklet and policy summary.  It is also important to remember that insurers do not generally allow any refund on the cancellation of a policy once a claim has been reported.

Some insurers on Motorhomes, for example, offer limited mileage polices and so the cancellation rates are higher, where short term cancellation rates apply. Details can be found in your policy documentation.

In addition to the premiums charged or returned by Insurers we also charge:


Cancelling within 14 days of your policy’s start date


Cancelling 14 days or more after the start date

£45 or 20% of the premium, whichever is greater

Where we need to cancel your policy because you have not sent us information we have asked for or what you have provided is not correct

£45 or 20% of the premium, whichever is greater

If your policy is declared void due to misrepresentation or fraud, we apply charge to cover the costs of setting up the policy and confirming the voidance


Where you qualify for a Premium discount at inception of your policy e.g. Member of motor or caravan club

Upon cancellation the discount awarded at inception will be deducted on a pro-rata basis on any refund due

If we have given you a discount off your premium at inception this will be deducted on a pro rata basis from any refund due to you on cancellation.

Where a cancellation or other transaction results in a premium refund being due to you, that refund will be reduced by any sums you owe in respect of the policy.

If you have the option to pay in instalments though your insurers payment scheme and there is an outstanding balance upon cancellation, you will need to pay this balance.

Cancellation of associated Single Insurer Policies

If you cancel your insurance, any associated  optional extra product policies you purchased will also be cancelled. If this occurs within the ‘cooling off’ period a full refund of the cost of the associated policy will be provided. However, if this occurs after the ‘cooling off’ period no refund will be given.

No Claims Discount

No claims discount (NCD) is awarded for each full year of insurance, so if you cancel mid-way through the year your no claims discount will not increase.

Our Product Selection (Fair Analysis)
We offer products from a wide range of insurance companies.

Our selection usually involves presenting to a reasonable number of insurance companies who will insure for the risk at hand, and this is called a fair and personal analysis of the market.

Sometimes we may only approach a specified number of insurers and this is known as a Panel, or in some cases, we may only approach one insurer, in either case, we will tell you the basis as part of our selling process. We will also provide a list of the companies who form the Panel we have approached at quotation stage.

Our Product Selection (Single Insurer)  

For the following products we use a single provider so do not approach other providers. These include:

  • Breakdown cover administrated by Hadleigh Breakdown on behalf of Trinity Lane Insurance Company Limited.
  • Motor Legal (Car and Van) serviced by United Legal Assistance underwritten by Financial & Legal Insurance Company limited.
  • Motor Excess Protect is placed with Astrenska insurance limited
  • Family (Home) Legal Expenses Insurance policy has been arranged by Lexelle Limited, with Financial & Legal Insurance Company Limited
  • Home Emergency underwritten by Astrenska Insurance Limited
  • Key Care is underwritten by UK General Insurance Ltd on behalf of Great Lakes Insurance SE
  • Guaranteed Replacement Vehicle is arranged by Strategic Insurance Services Limited with Astrenska Insurance Limited
  • Travel is placed through P J Hayman & Company Limited which is a wholly owned subsidiary of CSP Holding Limited.


We will advise you if we are contractually obliged to use any insurer.


We will hold money that you pay to us in accordance with the regulator’s rules or under a risk transfer agreement with insurers. This will include holding your money in the following way.  

A non-statutory trust insurer bank account in accordance with our agreements with Insurance Companies that transfer the risk of money we receive from customers to them, these agreements deem any money you pay to us, to be received by them and they will bear the risk of any losses in the event that our firm becomes insolvent. This includes claims money or premium refunds we receive prior to being paid to you.

By holding your money in this way, means that in the event that this firm becomes insolvent your money remains protected.

In arranging your insurance, we may employ the services of other intermediaries who are regulated by the FCA and your premium may be passed to these intermediaries for payment to insurers. These firms are also required to hold clients’ money in a separate trust account. We will also inform you if at any time we are required to pass your premium to firms that operate outside the UK where the protection may be different. Should you not wish us to pass premiums to a firm outside of the UK, please inform us.

Our Remuneration

We usually receive a commission from the insurance provider with whom we place your business, and this is expressed as a percentage of the premium you pay and in such a case, the commission will be paid to us either when we are in receipt of cleared funds from you (or the premium finance company, if one has been used) or, when the insurer has received cleared funds from us in respect of the premium due under your policy. The individual agreements we have with each insurer will determine which of the two methods above is used to make this transfer of commission. We also receive commission for arranging finance agreements for the payment of insurance premiums and this is usually expressed as a percentage of the individual loan and is paid to us directly by the premium finance provider. We may also receive a commission or fee for passing introductions to other professional firms.

In addition, we may also charge you a fee for arranging your insurance and full details will be provided to you at outset.

Payment Options 

We will provide you with full details of all the payment options available to you when we provide you with your insurance premium.

If you choose to enter in a finance arrangement, your details will be passed to a third party (insurer or lender) to enable them to contact you and you should contact us at the address given in this document if you do not want your details passed to that party. This finance arrangement will be subject to interest charges which we will confirm to you when providing the full details.  Importantly, the arrangement you will enter into will be with the finance company not us.  It is an entirely separate contract irrespective of the insurance contract.  In the event of your failure to meet with the contractual obligations regarding payment the finance provider could approach the insurer to seek a termination of the insurance contract to recoup their outstanding finance arrears. You will be liable to pay their costs and charges if you do not keep up your repayments and cover is cancelled under your policy. This is because the agreement is between you, the policyholder and the finance company direct, not us or the insurer.

It is important that you read the finance agreement sent to you before you agree to enter into such an agreement.

We do not charge any fees to you for introducing you to a credit provider.

If you are a consumer as defined under the Consumer Credit Act, you will have the benefit of a 14-day cooling off period.

Please note that we only use Close Brothers Premium Finance, a trading style of Close Brothers Limited for the provision of premium finance facilities.

Please Note: Your policy cover will cease if you fail to keep up payments on an instalment agreement or premium finance facility related to it.

Your Right to Cancel (Applicable to Consumers only)   

Please contact us if you wish to cancel any policy which we have arranged for you. Customers acting outside their trade or profession (Consumers) will usually have a legal right to cancel policies for any reason, subject to no claims having occurred, within 14 days of receiving the full terms & conditions. You will always be advised where this Right applies. A charge may apply for the period of cover provided and, in addition, an administration charge will apply as shown in the charges section above, cancellation under this right must be in writing, prior to expiry of the cancellation period, to our usual office address.

Should you wish to cancel cover after fourteen days most insurers make a disproportionate charge for the period on cover. Any return premium to you will be the net return given by your Insurers less our charges of £45 or 20% of the premium (whichever is higher)

Please note should you cancel cover due to revised terms applied by the Insurers following non-disclosure of material facts the time on risk charge may be based on the correct information and correct premium.
Where a claim has been reported, insurers generally provide no refund until your Insurers have settled the claim on a non-fault basis, recovering all financial costs which may have been incurred. Please note if you have elected to pay by instalments these will continue to be collected unless you settle the outstanding balance in full.

Identity and Credit Searches

We, and the Companies we place business with, may make searches about you at credit reference agencies who will supply us with information, including the Electoral Register and credit information. The agencies will record details of the search whether or not your application proceeds. The searches will not be seen or used by lenders to assess your ability to obtain credit, but we may use scoring
methods to assess this application and to verify your identity. Credit searches and other information which is provided to us and/ or the credit reference agencies, about you and those with whom you are linked financially, may be used by Airsports Insurance Bureau and other companies if you, or other members of your household, apply for other facilities including insurance applications and claims. This information may also be used for debt tracing and the prevention of money laundering as well as the management of your account.

Alternatively, we may ask you to provide physical forms of identification.

Conflicts of Interest

The firm will manage conflicts of interests fairly. Where a conflict of interest exists which cannot be resolved, the firm will inform you of the conflict and obtain your consent before proceeding any further.

Your Insurance Documentation

Although we check the insurance documents issued to you, you are responsible for reviewing your documents to ensure that they accurately reflect the cover, conditions and any other terms required.

Please pay attention to any contract conditions and warranties as failure to comply with these may invalidate your cover.  If you have any queries, please contact us immediately.

You must advise us as soon as possible of any changes in circumstances which may affect your insurance policy. (See Your Duty of Disclosure)

Document delivery

We will email your documents, to the email address provided by you. We will use this email address throughout the life of the policy when administrating the policy and to provide you with renewal information. Please ensure you keep us updated with any change in email address.

Please call the documentation team on 02380268351 if you would like printed documents posted to you, allow 5 working days for delivery.

Making a Claim

You must notify us as soon as possible of a loss, claim or circumstances which may give rise to a claim in accordance with the notification provisions contained in your policy. We will provide you with all reasonable assistance in submitting a claim and seeking to obtain reimbursement or indemnity. All correspondence from a third party should be forwarded to us immediately, please do not attempt to answer any such correspondence yourself. Your cover could be jeopardised if you attempt to negotiate or respond to any incident without the prior notification / authorisation of us or your insurers.


For policies with a renewal date we will normally contact you, to tell you the premium and terms for the next period of insurance. For your insurance cover to continue, you must instruct us on or before the date on which your policy is due to expire as there are no ‘days of grace’ and you are responsible for making sure your insurance is valid and in force.

If you pay by direct debit and your insurer is happy to renew your policy, we will automatically renew your policy, unless we receive your advice to lapse. If you wish to stop your policy from automatically renewing please call us on 02380 268351. For all other methods of payment, the policy will not be automatically renewed, and you must contact us prior to the renewal date and advise us to continue cover by providing payment.

However, your policy is renewed, you must remember to tell us of any changes that might affect your cover, (e.g. convictions, accidents, drivers or occupational changes since your policy was last renewed) before the date on which your policy is due to be renewed, otherwise your cover may become invalid. It is your responsibility to ensure that your insurance remains valid and in force and that you have done nothing which might invalidate the insurance.


Our aim is always to provide our customers with a first-class service; however, we are aware that, occasionally, it is possible that we may fail to meet your expectations. If for any reason we have not met your expectations, let us know as soon as possible, by calling our main office telephone 02380 268 351 or write to The Complaints Department, Airsports Insurance Bureau Ltd, Floor 1 Oakmount House, Oakmount Road, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, SO52 2LH or email info@aib-insurance.co.uk

If we are unable to resolve the issue to your satisfaction by the end of the third business day following receipt, we will formally investigate the matter. You will receive an acknowledgement of the matter together with a copy of our complaints process promptly and certainly within 5 working days. We will then aim to investigate and provide a resolution as quickly as possible, informing you of a final response no later than 8 weeks.

If you are not happy with our response, or the position after a period of 8 weeks, you may be eligible to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) for an independent assessment and opinion.

The FOS Consumer Helpline is on 0800 023 4567 (free for people phoning from a “fixed line” (for example, a landline at home) or 0300 123 9123 (free for mobile-phone users paying monthly charge for calls to No’s starting 01 or 02). Alternatively, you can email them at complaint.info@financial-ombodsman.org.uk

A full copy of our complaint’s procedure is available on request.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)  

If we are unable to meet our obligations, you may be entitled to compensation from the FSCS. If we have advised or arranged insurance for you this will be covered for 90% of a claim, without any upper limit, however claims under compulsory insurance, professional indemnity insurance and certain claims for injury, sickness or infirmity of the policyholder are protected at 100%.  Further information is available from the FSCS helpline on 0800 678 1100 or 020 7741 4100 and www.fscs.org.uk.

The FSCS is the UK’s statutory fund of last resort for customers of authorised financial services firms.  Compensation is usually payable if an authorised firm is unable or unlikely to pay claims usually because it has ceased trading or become insolvent.

No Waiver

In the event that any party to these Terms and Conditions fails to exercise any right or remedy contained herein, this shall not be construed as a waiver of that right or remedy.

Links to Other Web Sites

Our Web Site may contain links to other sites. Unless expressly stated, these sites are not under the control of Airsports Insurance Bureau or that of our affiliates. We assume no responsibility for the content of such web sites and disclaim liability for any and all forms of loss or damage arising out of the use of them. The inclusion of a link to another site on this Web Site does not imply any endorsement of the sites themselves or of those in control of them.

Contacting you:

AIB Insurance may contact you by telephone and email for our legitimate marketing purposes in order to let you know about products and services which may be of interest to you. With your consent we may from time to time also contact you by SMS or email with details of other products and services.

To change your marketing preferences with us, please telephone or email us at info@aib-insurance.co.uk

If you are providing information about another person, we expect you to ensure they know you are doing so. You might find it helpful to show them this document.

Telephone Calls

We may record in-bound and out-bound phone calls and use the recordings to prevent fraud, for staff training and for quality-control purposes.

In line with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, we would do not record bank or payment card details. You can find out more about the standards at www.pcisecuritystandards.org

Road Traffic Act 1988

It is an offence under the Road Traffic Act to make any false statement or withhold any material information for the purpose of obtaining a certificate of insurance.

Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

Please note that you are not required to disclose convictions regarded as “Spent Under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974”.

Privacy notice / Data Protection 2018

We are required to provide you with the information in this Privacy Notice under applicable law which includes (but is not limited to):

  • General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 from 25 May 2018 (the “GDPR”), and
  • Data Protection Act 2018, and
  • The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.

If you have any queries regarding this privacy policy or have difficulty in understating it, please contact us. Our contact details are at the front of this document.

We are registered with the Information Commissioner as Data Controller and Processor. Details of the Data Protection Act can be viewed on the Information Commissioner’s website at www.ico.gov.uk. Our ICO registration number is Z827878X

You have rights as an individual which you can exercise in relation to the information, we hold about you.

We provide the following rights for individuals:
•                The right to be informed
•                The right of access
•                The right to rectification
•                The right to erasure
•                The right to restrict processing
•                The right to data portability
•                The right to object
•                Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling.

You can read more about these rights here – https://ico.org.uk/your-data-matters/

Airsports Insurance Bureau Ltd have a legal reason to collect and use your personal information in order to provide you with quotations and policies. When you contact us, we collect either verbally or through our web site your name, address, telephone number, and email address.

To form a policy, we process information about your health and criminal convictions, the validity and extent of potential claims and to detect and prevent fraud. We ask you about your health and unspent criminal convictions, so we can assess the right insurer to place your policy with. We process this data under our legitimate interest.

Personal information is information which identifies you as an individual personally. Personal information includes information such as credit history, income, policies or claim information.

Some personal information provided may be sensitive for example, motoring or criminal convictions, physical health and the physical health of others who will be insured.

Personal information may be obtained by Airsports Insurance Bureau Ltd from the person and from other insurance providers e.g. current or past insurer.

We will use your information to manage your insurance policy; including administration and providing renewal quotations. Additionally, we may source or purchase data from GDPR compliant data providers and online resources in the public domain.

We will share your data with the following third parties in order to provide quotations and policies to you:

  • Insurers who provide your insurance Quotation, they may perform a credit check, which will appear on your credit history, before providing a quotation. (see Identity and Credit Searches)
  • The Insurance companies named on your insurance policies. They will also share your data with Fraud prevention organisations such as, Insurance Fraud Register; Claims Underwriting Exchange and the Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud and Theft Register when:
    • Checking details on proposals and claims
    • Checking details on applications for credit facilities
    • Completing credit and fraud searches, such as a driving licence check
  • Suppliers acting on our and your insurer’s behalf e.g. vehicle repairers or car hire providers.
  • Our regulator the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS); the Police should they contact us.

We will share your data with other GDPR compliant companies to collect and recover any monies that are owed to us. We process this data under our legitimate interests.

We may collect information about other people in order to provide your insurance. If you give us information about a third person e.g. a named driver for inclusion in your motor policy or someone in your household, it is your responsibility to make sure they:

  • Have given their permission for you to use their data (including any sensitive personal data).
  • Have been told about who we are and how their data will be used

We may also use your information for customer profiling, research, marketing, statistical, and system testing purposes, and to send you information about products and services we offer.

All personal information supplied to Airsports Insurance Bureau Ltd either directly or through a third party will be treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 as amended.

If you withdraw your consent to us processing your data, we may have to cancel any policies you have with us.


We may record the sending, delivery, opening and use of any links in emails, including the time and date of these actions. This helps confirm the successful delivery of the emails we send.

We use Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt and protect email traffic in line with government guidelines. If your email service does not support TLS, you should be aware that any emails we send or receive may not be protected in transit.

We will also monitor any emails sent to us, including file attachments, for viruses or malicious software. Please be aware that you have a responsibility to ensure that any email you send is within the bounds of the law.

Retention of your data.

This section outlines how long we retain your data for:

Quotations: three years from the date of Quote
Insurance policies: for the duration of your policy and for up to seven years afterwards for the following reasons:

  • To respond to any queries complaints
  • To deal with claims against your policy.

We will not retain your data for longer than necessary.

You have the right to ask for a copy of the personal information held about you. You also have the right to ask for inaccuracies in information to be corrected. A copy of the information held about you by us can be requested by phone, email or in writing.

You can complain to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), the UK supervisory authority for data protection issues via their website: www.ico.org.uk/global/contact-us

Web site

Security and performance
Airsports Insurance Bureau Ltd uses a third-party service to help maintain the website. To deliver this service it processes the IP addresses of visitors to the website but does not store them.

When you visit our web site or contact us through the web site, we may collect your IP address, geographical location, browser type and version, operating system, referral source, length of visit, page views and website navigation paths, as well as information about the timing, frequency and pattern of your service use.

Our site uses cookies – small text files that are placed on your machine to help the site provide a better user experience. The cookies used on the AIB website are only to allow you to navigate easier and anonymous tracking information via Google analytics.

When you visit https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/, we use a third-party service, Google Analytics, to collect standard internet log information and details of visitor behaviour patterns. We do this to find out such things as the number of visitors to the various parts of the site. This information is only processed in a way that does not identify anyone.

When you visit our Facebook page from the web site, we use cookies and pixels to understand and deliver ads and make them more relevant to you.

You can learn more about cookies in general, and how to set your Internet browser so that cookies are not downloaded, at http://www.allaboutcookies.org.

If you continue to use the site without setting your browser so that it does not download cookies, we will assume you agree that we may download them.

Links to other websites (Privacy Statements)

This notice does not cover the links within this site linking to other websites. We encourage you to read the privacy statements on the other websites you visit. You will need to write to the relevant third parties to obtain details regarding the information they may hold about you.

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