Kit Car Insurance

We love Kit Cars as much as you!

Kit CarAs insurance specialists within the kit car arena, we understand your special car deserves a special policy.

Our team of kit car enthusiasts share your passion and have specialist products at highly competitive prices. We have access to a wide range of facilities with the UK’s leading insurers designed to save you money and keep you coming back year after year.

We can tailor our policies around your needs and allow healthy discounts for club membership, limited mileage, overnight garaging and the number of years you’ve owned the vehicle.

We are able to cover imported kit cars too as well as those vehicles that have modification’s away from the standard vehicle. Just some of the benefits we can offer on request:

  • Agreed Value
  • Breakdown Cover   get-quote
  • Laid Up Insurance
  • Salvage Rights
  • Multi Vehicle Discounts
  • European Cover

So whatever you drive, whether it’s a Caterham or Robin Hood, a Sebring SX or a Locust call our team now on 02380 268351.