Car of the Week…MGB GT

The car of the week this week is the stylish MGB GT!



The epitome of a classic British roadster, the MGB GT was in production for 18 years without a single alteration to iconic body shape. This sought after vehicle was the best selling MG model of all time! A car built to drive on the track the windscreen was specifically designed for track specifications.



Mr A knows his classic MGB GT will always be safe to take the racing line with thanks to his caring insurance package from AIB giving him agreed value, choice of repairer and salvage retention! If you have a beloved classic car of your own than think no further than AIB insurance.



If you have a classic car be sure to call our friendly motor team on 02380 268351 for a bespoke quotation covering all your needs.



Thank you Mr A for sharing your gorgeous MGB GT!

Car Of The Day… MG B GT

The car of the day today is the wonderful MG B GT.


Mr S has the best cover on this little beauty with agreed value, choice of repairer and also salvage retention through ourselves here at AIB.


The MGB when launched was an all-new car in many respects and was distinguished by its unitary body and chassis structure. The GT version gave considerably more accommodation than the Roadster with the occasional rear seat and the very usable luggage platform.


We are MG fanatics here at AIB. If you have a MG that needs insuring call our friendly classic car team on 02380 26835.


Thank you Mr S for allowing us to share the lovely photos of his MG B GT!


If you have a policy with us and would like to share the photos on our website and socials, email us at

Introducing…..Ronnie Randall

We are proud and pleased to announce our latest new team member. Ronnie Randall joins our sales team working with Sales Director, Kirby De-Gray Birch.

Ronnie has worked within the insurance industry for eight years, in both personal and commercial insurance sectors and previously worked for well respected high street brokers, A-Plan Insurance. She has a passion for non-standard home and high net worth motors. Her knowledge and natural love for exotic vehicles has already stood her in good stead – in her first week she insured a Ferrari and a McLaren on the same day! Motor heaven for our skilled new team member.


Multi talented Ronnie is also a fully qualified barber. Her own hair is apparently seasonal – in the winter she goes dark and in the summer she is blonde!
Ronnie started her career within the travel industry, notching up 13 years experience working for big players, Virgin and TUI.
Ronnie is married with one little boy, aptly named Reggie.
Small in height, big in personality, Ronnie stands at a compact 5ft 1½ inches – apparently the ½ an inch is extremely important!


Kirby said of Ronnie’s appointment: “I’ve known Ronnie for many years and her reputation to provide top class customer service and sound insurance advice proceeds her. She has already made a huge impact within the office and her experience and knowledge will help to develop others within the team. We are very proud and lucky to have her on board”.

At AIB we pride ourselves on the quality of our staff and the professional relationships we are able to build and nurture with clients, insurers and partners. We encourage our team members to reach their full potential and give them the tools, resources, support and guidance for a rewarding career in a satisfying but demanding environment.

AIB move to new Headquarters

Airsports Insurance Bureau are delighted to announce that due to continued growth, we have moved to new premises, in the heart of Chandlers Ford. Due to our stellar success rate for over 25 years, we required a larger space that was more fitting for our needs and growing team of specialists. Our former base at Fleming Court, Eastleigh, served us well for seven years, but we are now ready and excited for our fresh new future within the new offices.


We have invested in air conditioned, well appointed facilities that will provide us with the opportunity for further expansion as we continue to grow. Our brilliant team of experts and wonderful visitors will enjoy an open plan kitchen, break-out space, board room, training room and managers offices. Based in the prestigious Oakmount House building, Oakmount Road, in Chandlers Ford, the office is located in a superb location close to all transport links.



Conference room


To mark the occasion, we commissioned what is possibly the coolest sofa in the insurance industry… designed and created by our friend Ian, aka ‘The Customizer’. It’s a VW Beetle, cut in half, sprayed in our distinct AIB blue and compliments the Range Rover tyre table beautifully. 


It’s vitally important that our staff keep their hands clean at all times, so we’ve invested in a wall mounted sanitizing unit made from the exhaust system of a Porsche 911, no less! Only the best for our wonderful team of people who do their very best to deliver the excellent service you expect. 



We are thrilled with Ian’s designs – he has produced work for various celebrities, including an aeroplane for Lord Alan Sugar’s No.1 eatery, Sheesh. The automotive industries are full of weird, wonderful and mind boggling designs, so it’s only fitting we replicate a touch of that at our HQ. If you want to add that statement of the unique, with highly creative automotive art, Ian and the team can be contacted here:


We’d also like to thank our friend Oliver at Office Furniture and Interiors, who has managed the project faultlessly with patience and skill. If you need help with any office design or refit we’d encourage you to contact them, their contact details can be found here:


Our new address is: First Floor, Oakmount House, Oakmount Road, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, SO53 2LH. Please do come and visit us (when safe to do so), the brand ‘new’ kettle is always on!


Please continue to use our existing telephone numbers and email contact information.

VW Beetle Sofa




Kirby’s Corner – Classic Car Education

We managed to grab Kirby who wanted to cover classic car care for the forthcoming months…Kirch Burch

As we find ourselves hopefully at the end of another lockdown, the classic car enthusiasts amongst you might be itching to take your pride and joy out for a decent spin, whilst looking ahead to the appropriate care needed over the winter months. It’s a beautiful time of year for longer Sunday drives, or cheeky mid-week spins… through our beautiful countryside in technicolour autumn, or nipping down to the coast for a hot cuppa near the sea.


With the colder months just around the corner, it’s about striking a good balance between moderate consumption and proper storage. A bit like a vintage single malt. You might be preserving your seasoned model inside for longer periods and airing it out less, but that does not mean neglect – it’s just as important to look after it in the correct way during the winter.


Here are a few tips to keep your antique auto in the pink…

Keep it clean

Start the clean at the top of the car, work down and don’t forget the underside or the interior. Ensure you use the correct cleaning agents. Dish soap can be harsh and will make the paint look dull. Shelve out a bit more on professional carwash soaps which are thick and foamy and will leave your classic looking fabulous. Rinse with free flowing water then dry with a soft leather chamois or a soft microfiber towel, changing towels often for a lovely shiny finish. Brake discs also need to be dry. as leaving them damp can cause the pads to stick to the disc and lock, so take her out for a short run after washing. She’s worth it.


5 star accommodation

Ok so you don’t need a palace to park it in, but treat your prized possession to a space fit for purpose. We always recommend storing your vehicle in a locked garage or dedicated car storage facility during the winter months. The space should be well ventilated to avoid damp and you might want to consider using an inflatable storage device for added protection, or a breathable car cover with a soft lining. If you choose to use a dehumidifier, be aware – if it’s too high it will draw the moisture out of everything around it, including veneer dashboards and anything made of vinyl or soft plastic.


Get your motor runnin’

It’s been snowing/hailing/sleeting/raining; probably all of the above, for days… your cabin fever has maxed out. You need to get out for the sake of your mental health (and your partner’s) A clear, glorious, crisp, winter morning finally arrives and you simply have to take your classic for a cruise. If so, she will need a bit of before and after care. Salt and grit on the road is her enemy as it causes corrosion. A decent wax will help protect the paintwork but treating the underside professionally with a powder coating or quality waxoil will help protect the metal, and when you’re home, again, hose the underside down. You wouldn’t neglect yourself in the shower now would you, so give your car the same attention! Avoid clutch and brake seizures and keep mechanics lubricated by treating yourself and your vehicle to that much needed spin… simply idling the car without driving it may speed up corrosion issues, as the engine will likely not reach full operating temperature.


Battery Power

Awareness of your car’s battery is key, depending on it’s age. If a battery is not disconnected there is a possible risk that it could be discharged in a short amount of time, ending in battery destruction. A trickle-charger can keep the battery in good shape and is essential on more modern classics. Problems can occur with fuel injection systems and on-board computers if the battery goes flat and on older classics, it’s sensible to undo and remove the battery clamps during periods of storage.


Stay protected

Keeping insurance in place means your car is covered even when parked up. It might be tempting to think about cancelling your classic car insurance policy if your vehicle will not be in use during the winter, but remember, fire, flood damage and theft remain potential issues. Not forgetting that glorious winter day we mentioned, when you just have to hit the open road.


Some of the benefits you enjoy with our policies at AIB include:

Dedicated claims handling team who will discuss repair options

Agreed value at no extra charge (subject to evidence)

Salvage retention option to customer following total loss

Cherished plate covered

Cover for public road rallies and trials, treasure hunts, road safety and non-competitive rallies

Discounts for Multi vehicle owners and coverage for classic vehicle collections

Some insurers provide up to 90 days European use per trip

Cover for dismantled parts

Stand-alone breakdown cover available

Discount for storage, garaging and limiting the mileage



Promotion Promotion!!

Airsports Insurance Bureau would like you to join us in congratulating two internal promotions.


Jenna Stronach has been promoted to the role of Renewals Manager. Jenna will run the department, looking after our ever growing motor, home, travel and commercial policyholders needs, when due for renewal.

Jenna Stronach

Megan Greer has joined the Administration Team as Administration Manager, with a team reporting to her. This role will also assist the development of our sales team and encompasses all press releases and social media.

Megan Greer

Both roles will report to our Managing Director and will continue the development of our insurer relations, as well as the pursuit of exceeding expectation, creating the best possible client experience.


Kirby De-Gray Birch said: “Jenna has been an asset to the business for a long time and knows lots of our clients. She’s led the new sales for our high net worth clients and has a good understanding of our diverse products. Megan has been with us for many years too and has a natural enthusiasm for looking after clients. Managing people and their work loads will be an exciting challenge for both ladies. I’m confident they will both be a success, further enhancing the client’s experience when dealing with our business”.


If your insurance is due for renewal with us and you want to get in touch, Jenna and her team can be contacted on 02380 268351 or email them at


Likewise, if you have a query with your existing policy, Megan’s team can be contacted on 02380 268351 or email

INTRODUCING…   Jordan Gibbons


AIB warmly welcomes Jordan Gibbons to our Sales team. Jordan will be working closely with Sales Director, Kirby De Gray Birch, developing all aspects of a long established, fast growing insurance broker.

Whitely born and bred Jordan previously worked in the motor industry for a shipping company, dealing with the import and export of motor vehicles. This has given him a sound grounding in customer service to deal with our range of products from motor and home insurance, through to travel and commercial client’s needs. If you need motor insurance please give Jordan and the team a call: 02380 268351


Not only a dab hand with a pair of scissors and a set of clippers (he cuts his own hair), Jordan also has a sound understanding of mechanics, having built his own motorcycle from scratch – a two stroke Derbi Senda. Multi skilled and very talented! A real petrol head, Jordan drives an Audi S5 which he has modified and remapped to 450bhp. Last year, he drove her on a road trip of a lifetime to Amsterdam.


“Jordan joins an exciting team and is quickly learning all aspects of the role. With a natural love and knowledge of cars, especially modified, he enjoys chatting to our clients and has already insured members of his family and a couple of friends who are extremely pleased with his service and our product.”

At AIB we pride ourselves on the quality of our staff: their great personalities, extensive knowledge of the market and their highly professional approach to work. They build solid and long lasting relationships with both our clients and insurer partners, backed by our full encouragement and resource, ensuring they reach their fullest potential.

Despite the challenges of this past year, AIB continues to grow rapidly. We are currently looking for additional like-minded sales and customer service staff. If you want to pursue a rewarding career in a satisfying but demanding environment, or know someone who does, please send us your CV:



Introducing Clare Beale…

AIB are delighted to announce that Clare Beale has joined the administration department, headed by Megan Greer and will learn every aspect of the role within our busy insurance brokers. Our rapidly growing Administration Department is going from strength to strength right now, ensuring the smooth operation of our day to day, dedicated services.


Clare Beale

Clare was born and bred just outside Liverpool and attended Mill Lane Comprehensive School in Ellesmere Port. Clare worked for many years at David Lloyd as a fitness instructor. Next came the fantastic opportunity to work on cruise ships as a Fitness Director for three years, travelling around the Caribbean, Hawaii and Alaska. Clare eventually moved to Southampton and worked at P&O cruises for 20 years, where she met her future husband Paul and had three amazing boys.



Clare once dated a famous pop star for five years! We couldn’t possibly reveal his identity but if you took 5, 6, 7, 8 ‘Steps’ to the left, it would be a ‘Tragedy’ if you couldn’t guess the group and artist.


Gary Barlow obsessed Clare was thrilled when the opportunity arose to briefly meet the star and sit on his lap. Lucky Clare! Whilst not particularly accident prone, she also once fell into Vernon Kay’s dressing room, luckily timed with Vernon catching her, mid fall. Lucky Vernon!



She once decided to have a BBQ in the New Forrest.  When it started to rain the smart witted Clare decided to put the disposable BBQ in the boot of the car to keep her sausages dry which led to the car being set on fire!



Megan Greer, Administration Manager says: ”Clare has made a fantastic start already and has thrown herself into the role, picking the job up very quickly. Her solid background in cruise liner customer care has clearly given her the ability and skill to communicate very well with our varied and valued client base.

At AIB, we pride ourselves on the quality of our staff and the professional relationships we are able to develop. We nurture and encourage our team to reach their full potential, giving them the ongoing training, tools and resources for a rewarding career in a satisfying but demanding environment.


Clare Beale



After a very strange, uncertain few months in a quieter world in lockdown, we are now seeing a slow return to normality. One thing that has remained certain however, is the need to keep your vehicle taxed, insured and properly maintained.




If you have been driving less and it looks like your vehicle use is still going to be much reduced, we have come up with a few tips and guidance points to help you navigate your way through a post-lockdown gear shift.





Yes, you may be enduring or indeed loving, working from home at the moment. Trying to juggle home schooling or conducting business meetings over video calls (wearing business attire from the waist up of course) might mean your weekly commute has shrunk. Whilst saying a temporary goodbye to traffic jams and the daily grind is welcome, if your insurance covers SDPC (social, domestic, pleasure and commuting) you may want to call us if your vehicle use is going to change.



Let us know if you are going to be keeping your vehicle somewhere different to that specified on your policy.



Again, let us know if your anticipated mileage for the year is going to be much lower.



If the pandemic means you’re not going to drive your car at all, you might want to consider taking it off the road altogether. A SORN is a Statutory Off Road Notification. Once a car has been declared as SORN, it must not be driven or even parked on a public road. You will need to keep your car on your driveway, in a garage or on private land. Otherwise, if you intend to drive your car at any time, even if it’s just to the local shop to get those all essential home working items (basically, tea/coffee/biscuits and lots of it), then usual rules apply: pay your vehicles tax, either through the Government portal – you will need the reference number from your vehicle tax reminder form (V11), or the vehicle code from your V5C or green ‘new keeper’ slip.Or pay at your local Post office.



AIB offer 3 levels of breakdown cover, To speak to one of our team you can call us on 02380 268351 for a competitive, tailored quote.


Both the AA and RAC have made it clear they are fully operational. By strictly following government and public health advice they have adapted their ways of working, including social distancing and the use of PPE. In the event of your vehicle needing to be towed, you can now travel safely within their vehicles again, however they are encouraging drivers to always carry a face covering. If you are self isolating/shielding or come into contact with the virus, bottom line, let the company know when you call them and they will do their upmost to get you back on the road as quickly as possible, armed with the correct knowledge of your situation.



If you haven’t driven for a while during lockdown, you may want to familiarise yourself with driving again on quieter roads that you know well before attempting a longer trip. Be aware of other road users, particularly the increase in cyclists and walkers. Expect possible road modifications in cities to accommodate more cyclists or widening of pavements to accommodate social distancing and bus/cycle corridors.


Reassure yourself that your car is in good working order after being used less. MOTs due from 30th March 2020 have been given a 6 month extension but are still expected to be kept in a roadworthy condition. Giving your vehicle some TLC and carrying out some routine checks will ensure you feel confident about it’s safety. Here are some quick tips on what to check.



Ensure your car operates to the best of its ability by checking on it’s essential fluids: brake fluid, coolant, oil and windscreen wash.



Keep on top of the tread and condition of your tyres. There should be no cuts, or cracking visible and they should have at least 2mm of tread as the legal limit is 1.6mm. If you haven’t driven for a while, check your tyre pressures as it’s likely they will have gone down somewhat over time. Under inflated tyres can increase fuel consumption and affect braking performance.



To ensure your battery doesn’t go flat through lack of use, get into the habit of periodically starting the engine and leaving it running for a little while. Another option to consider is investing in a trickle charger to keep your battery topped up. A trickle charger is a car battery charger designed to be left on a car for a long period of time to re-charge the battery. You would need proximity to a mains supply to use one so consider this before purchasing from a range of options online. Keep some jumpstart cables in your car in case of a flat battery whilst out and about.



Part of any vehicle’s basic checks include the lights. Check your high beams, dipped and indicators and buy bulbs to replace them if any are out. If possible, ask someone to help you, including checking the brake lights are active, or park in front of a reflective surface such as a window, to see for yourself.



Try your brakes gently before setting off to ensure they’re working properly. Whilst driving, listen for any crunching or grinding noises which may indicate corrosion.



You may have elderly parents, relatives or friends, or acquaintances that are vulnerable or high risk and are self isolating, or cautious about making their first foray back to the shops.


They ask you to do their shopping. You scan their shopping lists and then have to make that all important decision on Waitrose or Aldi… can you get away with a quick trip to the local corner shop… how far are you prepared to drive to find that rare type of spice they simply must have for their Friday stay-at-home curry recipe… however far you intend to go, if you’re not listed as a named driver on someone else’s policy, you can only drive their vehicle if you have their permission. You’ll also need a comprehensive insurance policy which includes ‘driving other cars’ (DOC), giving you the minimum legal standard of insurance (third party cover) in emergency situations only.


You could face strict penalties if you’re caught using another person’s vehicle without insurance or the owner’s permission so don’t risk it!



Additional safeguarding whilst filling up has been recommended by Public Health England. Despite clarifying that motorists are at no greater risk of getting coronavirus from a pump than handling any other hard object, it’s wise to wear gloves and wash your hands after using the pumps to lessen any potential risks.


Individual fuel retailers are free to enforce their own rules on their forecourts, including use of face coverings so just be aware when you pop into the shop for that much needed travel snack and drink.


You can also pay by contactless at many pumps around the country, meaning you don’t have to go into the store itself and the limit on card use has been upped to £45.