Rare Classic 1930’s Motorcycle Sold At Auction

This 1933 Matchless Model B Silver Hawk 593 cc classic motorbike with the registration number YD6392 was one of only 500 that were sold between 1931 and 1935. Furthermore, it is believed that only around 60 of these wonderful bikes are in existence today making it a rather rare motorcycle.YD6392

It is interesting to note that, back in 1933, brand new Matchless Model B Silver Hawk 593 cc motorbikes sold for the princely sum of £72. When production ceased four years later in 1935 you would have had to pay a little more for a new one as they had gone up in price to £79 – an increase of £7.

Well, earlier this month, this motorbike was offered for sale through auctioneers Dee Atkinson & Harrison at an auction in Driffield, East Yorkshire. It was sold for the sum of £43,000 – a substantial increase in value.

This vintage motorcycle had a number of owners from March 1933 when it was registered in Taunton, Somerset to Mr AC Thomason. There is a gap in its ownership history until 1949 when it was bought by Mr E Randall from Bexley, Kent. In 1954 it was sold to Mr R Hooker residing in Crayford, Kent. In 1957 it was purchased by Mr PF Smith-Stafford. Up until then the motorcycle had been registered as a Sidecar Bicycle but later that year its registration was changed to it being a Bicycle. Following Mr Smith-Stafford’s death in 2009 the Silver Hawk motorcycle was sold at a Bonhams auction in Harrogate, North Yorkshire to Mr D Law who lived in Hull achieving a sale price of £28,000.Motorbike

Whilst in Mr Hull’s possession, restoration work commenced on the motorbike but, unfortunately, he passed away whilst this work was underway. A Mr P Autherson took over the restoration project. Having completed the work the Silver Hawk was then auctioned achieving the figure stated above.

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Cruise Critic Publishes UK Cruisers’ Choice Awards

If you are interested in taking to the high seas for a holiday on a cruise liner then you may find it of interest to visit the website of that has recently published details of the winning ships in their UK Cruisers’ Choice Awards for 2017.

CRUISE SHIPThe awards are based upon reviews carried out by a number of people going on cruises in 2016 and cover cruise liners that can accommodate 2,000 or more passengers (Large Ship), 1,200 to 1,999 passengers (Mid-Size Ship) and 1,199 passengers or less (Small Ship).

Below are some of the awards: –

In the Large Ship size, Celebrity Cruises vessel called Celebrity Reflection won the awards for Best Overall, Best for Value and Best for Cabins. Best for Public Rooms and Best for Service were won by Celebrity Silhouette.

In the Mid-Size Ship size, Oceania Cruises vessel called Riviera did particularly well winning six of the awards – Best Overall, Best for Service, Best for Dining, Best for Cabins, Best for Embarkation and Best for Public Rooms.

In the Small Ship size, Viking Ocean Cruises did well. Viking Star won the top awards for Best Overall, Best for Public Rooms, Best for Value, Best for Embarkation and Best for Service. Viking Sea won the top awards for Best for Fitness and Recreation, Best for Cabins and Best for Entertainment.CRUISE SHIP

The Best for First Timers award was won by Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas that is a large ship. The Best for Families award was won by Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas that is also a large ship.

As well as publishing reviews from holidaymakers about cruises they have gone on, Cruise Critic provides other information about cruises. So, as well as doing other research, you may find the website of assistance in helping select a cruise that you feel is suitable for you.

Of course, if you are considering a cruise, you will no doubt wish to make sure that you have suitable travel insurance in place. So, why not give us a call on 02380 268 351 and speak with a member of our friendly, knowledgeable team about such cover.

Traffic On Roads In Great Britain Has Been Increasing

Traffic JamBearing in mind the number of occasions that we get delayed in our cars, vans and HGVs due to a traffic jam, perhaps caused by road works or an accident, it probably does not come as a surprise to motorists to hear that the volume of traffic on our roads increased in 2016. This is borne out by the Department for Transport Provisional Road Traffic Estimates Great Britain: January 2016 – December 2016 Statistical Release of the 9th February 2017 from which we highlight below some of the interesting data.

In 2016, it is estimated that motor vehicles covered a distance of 320.5 billion vehicle miles on our road network in Great Britain with this being a record. It is an increase of 1.2% when compared with 2015 so there has been a significant rise in the space of twelve months. When compared with 5 years ago the number of vehicle miles has gone up by 5.5%.

The distance travelled by cars and taxis last year is estimated at 249.5 billion vehicle miles with this being an increase of 0.7% when compared with the previous year.

The distance travelled by HGVs in 2016 is estimated at 17.1 billion vehicle miles with this being a rise of 2.8% in comparison to 2015.

The distance travelled by vans last year is estimated at 48.5 billion vehicle miles with this being an increase of 3.4% when compared with the previous year.

The volume of rolling annual motor vehicle traffic in Great Britain has increased by 5.5% from the year ending December 2013.Spaghetti Junction

The data for the type of roads that these miles were conducted on last year reveal that 67.9 billion miles were on motorways with this being an increase of 2.1% in twelve months, 93.6 billion miles on Rural “A” Roads with this being a rise of 2.5% in a year, 50.2 billion miles on Urban “A” Roads – an increase of 1.1% in twelve months, 44.2 billion miles on Rural Minor Roads with this being a drop of 0.6% and 64.6 billion miles on Urban Minor Roads – a drop of 0.3%.

The reasons why there has been an increase in road traffic in the last three years could be due to the likes of average fuel prices falling during part of the period resulting in more people perhaps going out for the day, a rise in the population and an improvement in the economy.

“Peel and Steal” – Van Owners Beware!

If you are the owner of a van thPeel and Stealen you may be interested to read that a number of such vehicles have been broken into by thieves without the use of any tools. Apparently some vans are being broken into by one or more persons by using their fingers and knees to partly peel down either the rear or side doors that gain access into the back of the vehicle where the likes of tools are often stored.

This type of break in is referred to as either “peel and steal” or “peel and seek” and is happening on quite a regular basis.

Once the door has been partially peeled open the thief is then able to shine a torch into the rear of the van to check if there is anything in the vehicle worth stealing. If there is then they will do what is necessary to gain access. As you are no doubt aware, tradespeople regularly carry very expensive tools and equipment as well as supplies of stock that may have a value of several thousand pounds.Vehicle Security

Van owners may wish to get some advice about whether there are any additional security measures that they can take to reduce the possibility of being broken into in this way. If it is practical and safe to do so, they may also wish to consider parking their van in such a way that the doors referred to above cannot easily be opened by a thief. Manufacturers of vans are no doubt aware of the problem and, if necessary, are hopefully looking into ways to make their vans more secure.

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Skydivers Jump Over “Island of Love”

What did you do on Valentine’s Day? – take your partner out for a romantic meal, book a day at an exclusive spa with a few treatments included or perhaps go to the theatre or cinema? However, we suspect that not too many of you skydived over a heart shaped island!

Island Of LoveWell that is exactly what three skydivers did on Valentine’s Day this year. The island is question, whose real name is Galesnjak, is known as the “Island of Love” because it really is heart shaped. It is located off the coast of Croatia and is beautiful. It is uninhabited and the only way that you can get to it is by boat – either by renting one or getting on a boat that makes a stop their. The owner of the island receives many requests from couples who would love to get married on the island.

The three people making the jump were from the Red Bull Skydive Team and are called Marco Furst, Amy Chmelecki and Marco Waltenspiel. Amy Chmelecki, who has made in excess of 16,000 skydives, unfortunately lost her skydiving equipment but a local skydiving team actually lent her some equipment enabling her to complete the jump.Island Of Love

The three skydivers, having jumped from the plane, got into a formation with the person in the centre and at the point of the formation having smoke come out of an attachment to one of their legs creating the shape of Cupid’s arrow. The weather was good considering it was winter time but it could not have been easy for Amy Chmelecki as she did not use her own equipment although she still completed the skydive without anything untoward happening.

Well done to those taking part who have no doubt increased the awareness of people around the world about the island. Perhaps this will give one or two of our skydiving clients an idea for Valentine’s Day next year!

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AIB Introduce Danny To The Team!

We are delighted to announce Daniel Denton joining our team in Eastleigh as one of our Insurance Consultants.

Danny has a wide range of insurance knowledge having previously worked for insurance broker, Swinton Insurance, before moving to a car leasing firm in 2015.

“As far as Insurance is concerned this is my dream job, talking about fast cars and motorcycles all day what could be better” Danny said.

Danny who lives locally is a keen motorcycle rider with a vast knowledge of motorcycle maintenance and repairs. His true love is his Aprilla RSV 1000 motorcycle, he has a cat with one eye called Jeffery and loves most German beers.

AIB spokesperson, Bethany Hepworth, said “We are delighted to have another great addition to our team in Eastleigh. Danny has a fantastic professional relationship with both clients and underwriters ensuring he gets the best rates possible, something we pride ourselves with here at AIB”.

Increase In Motorhome Registrations

NCCThose of you who enjoy holidaying in a motorhome or are considering buying one may be interested to read that they would appear to be growing in popularity here in the UK. According to the National Caravan Council (NCC), the number of motorhomes that were registered in 2016 amounted to 12,332. This is a significant increase in comparison to 2015 when 10,572 motorhomes were registered.

The increase is being put down to the huge selection of campervans and motorhomes that can be purchased. People from a variety of walks of life are now taking to the roads in one of them whether it is for a short break or a longer holiday. No doubt one of the appeals is that those people owning a motorhome can decide at very short notice to take off in the vehicle if the weather is particularly pleasant and enjoy two or three nights away here in the UK or spend a few days longer across the English Channel touring in Europe.

MotorhomeInterestingly, approved NCC dealers are finding that more and more owners of motorhomes are using their vehicles throughout the year. This is being put down to motorhomes having improved heating systems, better insulation to keep the heat in and the fact that more caravan parks stay open for a longer time in the year.

For those people who are thinking of buying a motorhome but are unsure if they will enjoy this type of holiday they may wish to consider hiring one to get a taste for it before committing to what could be a significant investment There is an extensive selection of motorhomes to hire whether your preference is for an up to date luxury model that comes equipped with numerous mod cons or a classic VW campervan that has been well maintained.

If you are considering purchasing a motorhome or campervan then you may be interested to know that here at AIB Insurance we have many years experience of helping to arrange quality insurance on such vehicles providing our customers with complete peace of mind. So, if you would welcome a competitive quotation why not speak with a friendly, knowledgeable member of our team on 02380 268 351.

Race Retro Classic Car Sale 2017

Race RetroIf you are interested in buying a classic car then you may wish to get along to the above auction that is scheduled to take place on the 25th and 26th February 2017 with viewing also being available on the 24th February. The event is happening at Stoneleigh Park, Coventry so is centrally located in the UK.


There are so many classic vehicles available such as: –

1965 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 4.2 Roadster – this has a 6 cylinder 4,200 cc engine that has been in the hands of the present owner since 1996. It has been well used but has also been well looked after. It has an estimated price of £80,000 to £100,000.

1966 Volkswagen Beetle – with less than 18,000 miles on the clock this is certainly a low mileage classic car that has also been serviced until 2010. Its bodywork is in Java Green. It has never been restored but is said to be in almost its original condition. It has an estimated price of £15,000 to £20,000.

1970 Aston Martin DBS 6 Vantage – this is powered by a 6 cylinder 4,000 cc engine that was capable of reaching 0 to 60mph in 7.1 seconds as it reached a top speed of 141mph. The bodywork is in Olive Green and the car is said to be in its original condition. The estimated sale price is £115,000 to £130,000.

Ferrari Dino1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GT – this has a 6 cylinder 2,418cc engine. It has had a number of owners with the current one having bought it in January 1995 when it had a little over 30.500 miles on the clock. It has not done many miles since then as it currently reads 34,935. The vehicle has had a considerable amount of work undertaken on it with documents available to support this. This quality Ferrari Dino 246 GT is a rare model that has an estimated price of £300,000 to £350,000.

1963 Jaguar Mark 11 3.8 Manual Overdrive – this is the 6 cylinder 3,781cc engine model that just happened to be the world’s fastest saloon car when it was first produced. Its bodywork is in Carmen Red and it has wire wheels. It was actually transported to South Africa in November 1963. It has an estimated price of £24,000 to £28,000.

There are many other classic cars for sale at the above auction details of which you can find on the website of Silverstone Auctions so why not take a look.

Here at AIB Insurance, we have many years experience in arranging classic car insurance from an extensive panel of insurers. So, why not give us a call on 02380 268 351 and let us provide you with a competitive quotation without any obligation.

Home Insurance Premiums Rise In 2016

Unfortunately, according to the most recent AA British Insurance Premium Index that looks at the average of the 5 cheapest premiums, there has been an increase in the cost of obtaining home insurance last year. This comes on top of higher fuel prices seen at filling stations and an increase in motor insurance premiums.Home Insurance

In the space of 12 months, the cost of buildings cover rose to an average of £114.43 per annum in the final quarter of 2016 from an average of £106.36 per annum in the last quarter of 2015 with this equating to an increase of 7.6%. Between the third and fourth quarters of 2016 such cover rose in cost by 1.1%.

In the space of a year, the cost of contents cover rose to an average of £60.69 per annum in the last quarter of 2016 from an average of £58.67 per annum in the last quarter of 2015 with this being an increase of 3.5% although, interestingly, the cost of such cover between the third and fourth quarters of 2016 actually dropped by 5.7%.

In the space of 12 months, the cost of combined buildings and contents insurance rose to an average of £157.27 per annum in the final quarter of 2016 from an average of £150.67 per annum in the last quarter of 2015 with this being a rise of 4.4%. Between the third and fourth quarters of 2016 such premiums rose by 0.3%.

London and the South East is the region in the UK where it costs the most for a combined buildings and contents insurance policy with the average premium being £165.93 per annum in the final quarter of 2016. The West and West Country is the least expensive for this type of cover in the same period with the average premium being £146.58 per annum.

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Google Street View Of The Vista Seen By A Skydiver – A World First

The Vista

Many of you will have taken the opportunity to take a look at locations both in the UK and overseas by using Google Street View and you have no doubt found this to be very useful. The vast majority of those images will have been taken by photographers stood on terra firma.

Well, a photographer by the name of Alex Mather has got together with Skydive Abel Tasman that arranges skydives in New Zealand to become the first person in the world to produce on Google Street View some wonderful views seen by skydivers. In addition, photographs were also taken of the whole skydiving experience from start to finish. The plane flew up to around 16,500 feet at which point the tandem skydivers jumped from the plane to start their descent above the Abel Tasman National Park.

Photographs were taken of the fantastic scenery on both islands including mountains, forests and the sea. It has to be said that the views are breathtaking. In addition to taking photographs, a video has also been produced showing the tandem skydivers in action.Skydiving

A great deal of work obviously went into producing this Google Street View with it taking 5 days to complete. Congratulations to Mr Mather and Skydive Abel Tasman for what has been achieved. It will be interesting to see if Mr Mather partakes in some other interesting photographic projects that appear on Google Street View in the future.

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