Introducing Our Newest Team Member – Tom Hopkins

Tom HompkinsDue to continued growth the Airsports Insurance Bureau team are pleased to welcome new addition Tom Hopkins to its personal lines Executive team. Tom has been recruited as one of our Senior Insurance Consultants and will be responsible for ensuring both our new and existing clients get the very best service.

Tom has spent the last couple of years at Turners Insurance in Botley, Hampshire and has an excellent background providing insurance solutions to both commercial and personal clients, particularly property related insurance products.

Tom had this to say on his appointment:

“As soon as I spoke to AIB I knew it was the perfect opportunity for me to progress further within the insurance industry locally. I appreciate that insurance can be a ‘necessary evil’ at times and I like to assist client’s in ‘taking the pain’ out of the Insurance Purchase and making sure they get a quality product designed around their needs.”

Tom lives in Locks Heath supporting his local Premier League Football club, Southampton FC. He is a keen poker player and will often attend tournaments throughout the south of England. Tom considers himself well travelled and the three people he’d like to invite to his ‘perfect’ dinner party would be former professional boxer Carl Froch MBE, Liverpool FC legend Steven Gerrard and TV royalty, Ross Kemp.

Welcome Tom, we wish you all the very best.

One-Armed Motorcyclist Hopes To Take Part In TT Race

Chris GanleyThose of you interested in motorcycling will no doubt be aware that the Isle of Man TT Race is possibly one of the most dangerous racing events that a motor bike rider is likely to take part in. There have been numerous fatal accidents during the races as the bikes travel at huge speeds around country roads on the beautiful, tranquil island.

Well, Chris Ganley who is 28 years of age and who used to serve in the Armed Forces is planning to take part in the racing event in 2023. However, it should be noted that Mr Ganley would be doing so with only one arm making him the first biker to do this with such an impairment.

Regrettably, back in 2014, he was unfortunately involved in an accident on a motorbike resulting in him loosing his left arm. However, the tenacious motorcyclist was back riding a motorbike that had been specially adapted a mere six months after the almost fatal accident. Mr Ganley is obviously a very good motorcyclist as he came third in his first race that he took part in after his operation.

The motorbike in question is a Yamaha R1 that has been modified so that the braking and clutch controls are on the right hand side of the vehicle thus helping him operate the motorcycle.

It sounds like he is a determined motorcyclist who loves the sport and we wish him well in his attempt to prepare for racing in the Isle of Man TT Race.TT

Here at AIB Insurance, we have many years experience in arranging motorbike insurance for a variety of bikes so why not give us a call on 02380 268 351 and speak with a knowledgeable member of our team. Without any obligation on your part, we will gladly look to source a competitive quotation for motorbike insurance from our extensive panel of insurers.

The UK’s Largest Collection Of Classic Cars

Classic CarThe majority of classic car enthusiasts probably own just the one cherished vehicle that they ensure is lovingly maintained whilst in their possession for many years. Well, a businessman here in the UK is the proud owner of a fleet of such vehicles that is actually believed to be the largest collection in Britain.

Rodger Dudding, who is 79 years of age and features in the Sunday Times Rich List, owns a portfolio of around 350 classic vehicles including the likes of cars and motorbikes. His collection is estimated to have a value of about £40 million. He made his fortune in a number of ways such as by buying and renting out lock-up garages and inventing a paper ticket machine that dispenses tickets in certain large department stores to customers to help with ques.

Presumably, not content with owning that many classic vehicles, he is still looking to expand his collection of cars and has spent in the region of £7 million in building a garage that could be used to house additional classic vehicles.

The list of vehicles owned by Mr Dudding includes cars manufactured over a period of many decades with the oldest one being a Vulcan Tourer dating way back as far as 1911.

He has an extensive collection of Aston Martin Lagondas – two dozen to be exact so, presumably, is a great fan of such a vehicle. Apparently, his favourite vehicle is a Morris Minor that was bought by his father back in 1952. He owns an extremely valuable Jaguar SS 2.5 litre Drophead built in 1938. He also owns moreClassic modern vehicles such as a Rolls Royce Phantom that was only built in 2010.

Here at AIB Insurance, we have insured many classic vehicles through our extensive panel of insurance companies. So, whether you are looking to insure one classic car or a portfolio of vehicles why not get in touch with us on 02380 268351 to discuss your requirements and obtain one or more competitive quotations.

Protecting Your Home Against Burglars

BurglarWhilst it provides homeowners with peace of mind to have home insurance, should there be the need to claim on the policy in the event of the likes of a fire, it is undoubtedly an unpleasant experience to say the least should such a thing happen in your property or perhaps worse still should you suffer a break in by a burglar. Well, Co-op Insurance has done some research to find out some effective things that can act as a deterrent to a thief.

The insurer made contact with twenty five ex-burglars who were able to suggest a number of measures that homeowners could put in place to possibly reduce the likelihood of them being burgled.

Apparently, 26% of those ex-burglars that took part in the research felt that movement activated security lights provided the greatest deterrent to burglars here in the UK. No doubt, it would be sensible to consider having such lights coming on that would light up the front and the back of the home as well as the sides to provide the best overall potential protection against a burglar breaking in and stealing your valuables and possibly causing damage to your property.

The research revealed that 22% of burglars were of the opinion that CCTV cameras acted as the biggest deterrent to burglars. Again, presumably it would be a good idea to have such cameras located in positions that provide complete coverage of all the doors and windows and the surrounding area of the property.

Interestingly, 15% of ex-burglars that took part in the research felt that the major thing that would stop them trying to break into a home would be a barking dog. It just shows such a pet is not only something to love and care for but a dog also provides some useful practical benefit to a family.

Now, you may have thought that monitored burglar alarms were high up on the list of things that would act as a deterrent to a burglar trying to break into a property. Well, only 11% of the ex-burglars taking part in the research were of the opinion that such alarms were the most effective deterrent.

Also worth noting is that it is not a good idea to shut your curtains or blinds prior to departing on holiday as this may suggest to a burglar that the property is presently unoccupied. It is also not a good idea to leave post sticking out of the letterbox so why not ask a neighbor to check this out whilst you are away and push the letters through the letterbox onto the hall floor.Burglar

We do hope that you have found the above to be of benefit. If you are interested in arranging home insurance then why not give us a call on 02380 268 351 and speak with one of our team who will discuss your requirements and arrange a quotation without any obligation. We have an extensive panel of insurers at our disposal so we should be able to provide a quality, competitive quote for most sorts of property, contents and personal belongings.

Chelsea Pensioner Skydives

Chelsea Pensioner

There has always been something rather special about Chelsea Pensioners who are frequently seen in their red coats proudly displaying their medals attending numerous ceremonies and events around the UK. As you will probably be aware, they are war veterans from the British army so are not unaccustomed to danger.

Well, recently a Chelsea Pensioner took to the skies to skydive. Mike Smith who is 68 years of age actually completed his 100th skydive. However, there had been quite a period of time since he last skydived as it was some 23 years ago since he last did such a thing.

As if that was not interesting enough, also taking part in the same skydiving event were two world war veterans who are both 91 years of age. They were actually fortunate to complete their jump at the Red Devils Parachute Team’s base that is at Old Sarum Airfield near Salisbury in Wiltshire. The jump was made for the benefit of the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans that was no doubt pleased to receive financial support.

We are pleased to hear that all three landed safely on the day and no doubt enjoyed a thrilling experience that they will no doubt never forget. Well done to the three gentlemen.Chelsea Pensioner Skydives

Here at AIB Insurance, we are able to arrange cover for a wide range of airborne sports including skydiving. With an extensive panel of insurers at our disposal we are often in the position of arranging quality insurance at very competitive premiums. So, if you are looking to arrange suitable insurance to cover you whilst skydiving, why not give us a call on 02380 268 351 and speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable members of staff who will be happy to discuss your individual requirements and arrange a quotation without any obligation on your part. We look forward to hearing from you.

Plum Underwriting Added To Panel

Plum UnderwritingWe are pleased to announce that Plum Underwriting Ltd has been added to our carefully selected panel of insurers. It is worth noting that we undertake a great deal of due diligence about those wishing to be included on our panel.

Plum Underwriting Ltd is located in London EC3 and was set up in 2002 initially to concentrate on the home insurance marketplace. It now tends to focus on specialist and non-standard commercial and domestic properties in both the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

For instance, all risks home insurance can be arranged on the likes of high and medium net worth owner occupied properties. Cover is automatically included for things like cyber cover, legal expenditure, home emergency and identity theft for the later type of properties with travel insurance also being included for high net worth homes.

If you are going to have renovation works carried out on your home or your business’s premises then Plum Underwriting Ltd can arrange specialist cover providing complete peace of mind.

Cover can also be arranged for unoccupied properties and holiday homes and insurance can also be provided for landlords looking to insure their let properties.

A non-standard home insurance policy can be put in place for people who may otherwise have found it difficult to arrange cover. For instance, those who are bankrupt, properties that have suffered with subsidence, those in danger of being flooded and homes of a non-standard construction.Home

The company has built an enviable reputation for the level of customer service it provides and the range and quality of products that are competitively priced. We have to say that our dealings with Plum Underwriting Ltd have been excellent. We look forward to that relationship continuing for many years to come that can only benefit our clients.

You can find more information about the company on their website

For bespoke home insurance why not get in touch with us here at AIB Insurance on 02380 268 351.

What Is Happening To The Classic Car Market?

Classic CarClassic car prices have risen significantly since around early 2010 until about August 2015. However, since then there has been an easing in values although there are possibly going to be certain makes and models of vintage vehicles that continue to go up in value. There has also been a drop in the number of classic cars sold.

This is perhaps borne out at the recent H and H Motorcar auction that took place on the 26th July at The Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire. There were quite a number of classic cars that remained unsold on the day.

A Lagonda DB 2.6/3.0 Litre Drophead Coupe manufactured in 1953 was estimated to achieve a sale price of £70,000 to £90,000. It was blue in colour and had a 2,995 cc engine. The original purchaser was Sir Peter Ustinov who owned the car for 12 years but since 1968 it has remained in the same ownership. Regrettably, despite its renowned original owner, it was not sold on the day.

A Jaguar E-Type 3.8 “Flat Floor” Roadster built back in 1961 with red bodywork and a 3,781cc 265bhp engine capable of accelerating from 0 to 60mph in a mere 6.9 seconds towards a top speed of 150mph was one of only 1,582 manufactured. It has been beautifully restored and had an estimated sale price of between £180,000 to £220,000. Unfortunately, no sale was achieved.

One of the classic cars that had the potential to achieve a significant price was an Austin Mini Cooper S 1071 “Hatchback” built in 1964. At one point it was owned by the Rt Hon Ernest Marples MP. He was renowned for opening the M1 Motorway. It had an estimated sale price of £70,000 to £80,000 but failed to be sold.Bentley

An elegant Bentley 4.25 Litre James Young Sedanca Coupe built in 1938 with its bodywork in black and a beige trim interior that has a 4,257cc engine was offered for sale with an estimated price of between £180,000 to £220,000 but unfortunately remained unsold.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the classic car market in the coming months.

If you are looking to insure your classic car then why not give us a call here at AIB Insurance on 02380 268 351 to discuss your requirements with a knowledgeable member of our staff.

World Record Drone Flight

DroneDrone racing has grown in popularity in recent years having appeal in many countries around the world including the UK. It is an airborne sport that is affordable for a considerable number of people who perhaps could not afford to take to the skies in the likes of a power glider or light plane.

There are a number of competitions including the Drone Racing League (DRL) so there is plenty of action taking place on a regular basis. It is certainly adrenalin filled sport.

You will be interested to read that a Guinness World Record was recently set for the fastest racing drone with this being undertaken at Cunningham Park, Queens, New York. The quadcopter is capable of reaching a top speed of over 179 miles per hour but on the day of the world record it reached 163.5 miles per hour. It is known as the DRL Racer X. It is extremely light as it only weighs just over 1.7 pounds. The course was over a length of 100 metres with the drone racing up and down the course on a number of occasions.

The sport appears to have really taken off with events appearing on TV including Sky Sports and ESPN. The drones that are used in the races are capable of rocketing from 0 to 80 mph in less than one second. To say the least, that is an amazing speed. The drones fly around a Dronecourse that includes many challenges including extremely sharp turns and dodging through a number of gates. Those holding the remote controls for these space age looking flying machines wear goggles that enable them to see the course as if they were sitting on the drone. This is commonly known as First Person View (FPV).

If the above is of interest then why not take a look on the Internet to find out more about the sport including visiting the website of the British FPV Racing Association.

Not The Best Location To Land Your Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air BalloonTaking to the air in a hot air balloon is a wonderful adventure enjoyed by many enthusiasts around the world. Once airborne and the desired height has been reached a peaceful flight is normally had by all who cannot fail but to enjoy the spectacular scenery.

Of course, finding a suitable landing spot does not always go according to plan especially if the weather changes whilst airborne. However, even if the scheduled landing spot is missed it is usually possible to find somewhere else that is equally as safe to land. For instance, there is normally a farmer’s field to land your hot air balloon in perhaps with the offer of a bottle of whisky or wine as a thank you to the landowner.

Well, you may be interested to read that the landing of a hot air balloon in Florida, USA did not quite go according to plan. Unfortunately, the wind meant that the pilot was unable to land exactly where he had hoped to. Instead, to avoid, power lines, the pilot landed the hot air balloon in a pond resulting in the 16 passengers and the pilot getting rather wet.

Fortunately, the basket landed the right way up in the water but as it drifted towards the bankside the basket turned over. Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured which is perhaps rather lucky as in the pond were a number of alligators but they paid no attention to the hot air balloon or the passengers.Hot Air Balloon

The pilot received a lot of praise for his skill at avoiding the power lines. Apparently, he is an experienced hot air balloon pilot with in excess of 2,000 hours in the sky. Let us hope that his next trip is less traumatic.

If you are in need of airsports insurance why not give us a call at AIB Insurance on 02380 268 351 and speak with a member of our friendly staff who will happily arrange a quotation.

Introducing Our Newest Team Member, Megan Greer!

Megan GreerWe are delighted to announce that Megan Greer has joined the Airsports Insurance Bureau team as our Administrator in our Eastleigh office. Megan will be responsible for the smooth running of our back office as well as providing invaluable support to our insurer partners.

Whilst Megan is with us she will learn all aspects of a long established, fast growing insurance broker, dealing with a range of products from home and motor insurance through to travel and commercial clients’ needs. At AIB we pride ourselves on the quality of our staff and the professional relationships we are able to build with both clients and insurer partners. We encourage our team to reach their full potential and give them the tools and resources for a rewarding career in a satisfying but demanding environment.

Megan said: “I am really pleased that I have been successful and given the chance to work for AIB Insurance and although I’ve only been with the business a couple of weeks, I’m really enjoying the role and look forward to a long term career with the company.”

“I am very pleased indeed to announce Megan’s appointment to AIB. Megan is enthusiastic and very keen to learn and progress within the company and we are excited about helping her reach her full potential. Please join me in welcoming Megan to AIB.” Beth Hepworth, AIB Insurance.

Megan lives locally in Eastleigh, has a three legged, disabled gerbil called Squidgy and her hobbies include ice skating and walking. She’s been known to fit an impressive 16 marshmallow’s in her mouth at one time and has double jointed elbows!

Welcome on board Megan, we hope you have an enjoyable and fulfilling career with us.

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