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Introducing….. Charmagne Alderson!

Charmagne Alderson


As our successful team at AIB continues to grow, we would like to extend a warm welcome to Charmagne Alderson. Charmagne joins our administration team working with Administration Manager, Megan Greer. 


The position became available when our brilliant Ben Simpson, who previously filled the role, has joined our sales team working directly with sales manager, Kirby.  Ben spent six months working in our customer service and administration department, learning the insurance ropes before making it impossible for us not to promote him into our sales team. 


22 year old Charmange was born in Guildford before growing up in Waterlooville, attending Crookhorn College. She honed her customer service skills within the hospitality industry and joins us from  Premier Inn, where she was a duty manager.  



Charmagne often gets told she looks like the older sister, Susan Pevensie in the 2005 blockbuster, The Chronicles of Narnia. it’s great to have her fantastical skills on our side! Charmagne has a rescue dog called Jenny, lives with her boyfriend Tyler and has a whopping ten siblings (some of whom are half / step brothers and sisters). Her large family means she is personable, communicative and she now is part of another great, extended family at AIB.


Charmagne’s father had the honour of paving Cheryl Cole’s driveway! Parking is now ‘ALOUD’ Ms Cole!’




“I have been warmly welcomed into the team here at AIB. I am enjoying the role immensely and feel lucky to work with such a talented group of people. The job is interesting, exciting and it’s been a great experience working with Megan so far – I look forward to a positive future within this excellent company.”



Megan Greer says: “It’s safe to say, Charmagne has hit the ground running. Her excellent attitude to customer service and the complex skillset she brings from the hospitality industry is evident in her approach. She has already been of great assistance to me in the day to day running of AIB and I am so pleased to have her on my team.”