High Performance Car Insurance

Performance Car Insurance

High Performance Car insuranceAt AIB we offer exceptional bespoke insurance cover for performance cars and understand that owning and driving a prestige car is a unique experience and deserves special, one-of-a-kind insurance.

From Ferrari to Zonda and Porsche, Lotus and Aston Martins, we will provide the perfect cover for your special vehicle, allowing you to relax and enjoy the drive.

Our highly-qualified team of advisors know that high performance car insurance is unique and will help you find the best quality cover for the best price on an individual basis.

get-quoteWhen finding the best policies, we take into account if you drive your luxury car on a day-to-day basis or not, what driving experience you have, where it is kept normally overnight and the vehicle security to ensure you pay as little as possible with quality cover.

We also support car clubs across the UK and offer members up to 15% on their luxury and exotic car insurance premiums.

Additional benefits of performance car insurance with AIB can include:

Performance Car Insurance

    • Tailored high value car insurance
    • Agreed Value
    • Modification friendly insurers
    • Owners Club member discounts
    • Multi-vehicle policies
    • Fully comprehensive cover
    • European breakdown cover
    • Limited and agreed mileage discounts
    • Car security discounts
    • Choice of Repairers
    • Experienced performance car drivers discounts

With the skills and resources to cover high value vehicles why would you try anyone else?  Call our team now on 02380 268351.

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