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Car of the Day..MG B V8!

The 1975 MG GT V8. A true British icon in the motoring world. Sporting a 3,258cc Rover V8 engine pushing the cars top speed at 125mph, impressive for the age!



The Rover V8 engine powering the MG first featured in the infamous Rover P5B. Widely known for being used by high-ranking government ministers and ex-prime ministers such as Harold Wilson, Edward Heath, James Callaghan and Margaret Thatcher. The engine even has royal roots with Queen Elizabeth the second, owning a P5B that also guest-featured on the BBC Motoring show “Top Gear”.



Although the short lived production line of the V8 variant only spanning 3 years, MG managed to produce 2591 models out of the factory in Abingdon, Oxford. The average price of the MG back then would only set you back £1,925! That’s a mere £16,901 in today’s money, not a bad price to pay for a lightweight, convertible, 2 seater sports car! Unfortunately, the fuel crisis following October 1973’s middle east war was the first domino to fall in the V8’s demise, as well as many other big engines of the time. The car was dropped in 1976 mainly due to the fuel crisis. However the legacy lives on as it is still the most popular modification of the MG, swapping it to the glorious Rover V8 engine.



A massive thank you to our client Mr B for letting us showcase his MG in the stunning Vermillion red paint.


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Car of the Day.. Morris Minor Traveller!

The Morris Minor is a British economy family car that made its debut in 1948, more than 1.6 Million were made between 1948 and 1972.



Originally only available as a two door saloon or tourer, the four door salon was introduced in September 1950, known as the Traveller. This Wood Framed estate car was the first to sell over a million units and has always been considered a classic example of automotive design, typifying ‘Englishness’.



The External structure to The Traveler are made from varnished Ash (wood) for a highly visible feature.


Our lovely Client Mrs B has allowed us to show off her classic Traveller.

We have this beautiful Traveller insured under a specialist policy offering; agreed value, choice of repairer, legal expenses, salvage retention and many more benefits which we offer here at AIB Insurance.

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