Car of the Day… Jensen GT


The Jensen GT is a British sports car. It was introduced by Jensen Motors in 1975 as the shooting-break version of the Jensen-Healey. During its short production run from September 1975 to May 1976, 511 Jensen GTs were built before Jensen Motors went into receivership.


The only estate-bodied Jensen car made, the GT represented, along with the Coupé, the company’s swansong. It remained in production right up until the last day the company was in operation before the liquidation in May 1976. Introduced alongside the Coupé at Earls Court in October 1975, the GT shared the dubious distinction of being a model introduced under the shadow of receivership with that car.

Although the GT was not unveiled until late 1975, ideas for something like it had been around for almost as long as the Healey. Drawings of an estate version can be discovered from as early as 1972.

From 1974 to 1976, only 511 GTs were made with 230 of them being sent to Mainland UK and 260 were sent to the USA. The first Jensen GT was made in 1974, the next 216 made in 1975 and the final 294 were made in 1976. This makes the oldest Jensen GT 48 years old. Had the cars continued in production for longer than circumstances allowed, GTs would probably have followed the Healey in finding their way to North America in larger numbers.

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