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World Record Drone Flight

DroneDrone racing has grown in popularity in recent years having appeal in many countries around the world including the UK. It is an airborne sport that is affordable for a considerable number of people who perhaps could not afford to take to the skies in the likes of a power glider or light plane.

There are a number of competitions including the Drone Racing League (DRL) so there is plenty of action taking place on a regular basis. It is certainly adrenalin filled sport.

You will be interested to read that a Guinness World Record was recently set for the fastest racing drone with this being undertaken at Cunningham Park, Queens, New York. The quadcopter is capable of reaching a top speed of over 179 miles per hour but on the day of the world record it reached 163.5 miles per hour. It is known as the DRL Racer X. It is extremely light as it only weighs just over 1.7 pounds. The course was over a length of 100 metres with the drone racing up and down the course on a number of occasions.

The sport appears to have really taken off with events appearing on TV including Sky Sports and ESPN. The drones that are used in the races are capable of rocketing from 0 to 80 mph in less than one second. To say the least, that is an amazing speed. The drones fly around a Dronecourse that includes many challenges including extremely sharp turns and dodging through a number of gates. Those holding the remote controls for these space age looking flying machines wear goggles that enable them to see the course as if they were sitting on the drone. This is commonly known as First Person View (FPV).

If the above is of interest then why not take a look on the Internet to find out more about the sport including visiting the website of the British FPV Racing Association.