Car of the Week…Ford Mustang 1966

The car of the week this week is the legendary Ford Mustang (1966)!



The iconic look and shape of the Ford Mustang was perfected in the 1966 iteration, with few changes from the original it really solidified the timeless look and feel of the Mustang, by adding small but crucial aesthetic details.  The engine that produces that classic sound pumped a higher bhp of 271 into this model making it more than just a pleasure to look at but a thrill to drive too!



Mr H, has worked hard to create such a beautiful rendition of this iconic car, and he knows AIB worked hard to give him the best care and deal for his insurance on his stunning motor giving him a agreed value, choice of repairer and salvage retention! If you have a beloved classic car of your own then think no further than AIB insurance.



If you have a classic car be sure to call our friendly motor team on 02380 268351 for a bespoke quotation covering all your needs.


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