Driving in the EEA after Brexit 29th March 2019


Here at AIB (Airsports Insurance Bureau Limited), the team are busy ensuring we are all prepared to minimise the impact to our valued clients if Britain leaves the EU without a withdrawal agreement in place, and in the absence of a specific agreement to the contrary.

As it stands, if you take your vehicle to Europe, after the 29th March 2019, you will need to ensure you carry a physical Green Card while driving your vehicle in the European Economic Area (EEA) and some other countries (Andorra, Serbia and Switzerland). A list of EEA countries is available on the Gov.uk web site:-  https://www.gov.uk/eu-eea


What is a Green card?

A Green Card is an International Certificate issued by your insurer, and acts as evidence that the minimum legal cover required is in force for the country visited whilst driving outside the UK. The Green Card is a physical document which is printed on green paper and cannot be issued in an electronic format. You must therefore ensure you have a green card before you travel.


Who needs a green card?

  • If you are travelling to the EU and will return prior to 29th March 2019, you do not need a Green Card and do not need to contact us for a Green Card.
  • If you are planning to be driving your vehicle in the EU on or after 29th March 2019, please contact us 7 to 14 days before you plan to travel so we can understand your needs and issue you with a Green Card if you require one.
  • In the event there is no deal, a Green Card will be required for all vehicles which travel in the EU after 29 March to prove that you have the required insurance, regardless of the level of motor cover provided on your policy. This is true even if you have a foreign use extension on your motor policy.
  • Please note that you will need a Green Card when driving from Northern Ireland to Ireland.



  • Green Cards must be physically presented in the country of travel, as a hard copy, and cannot be presented in a digital format or soft copy.
  • Only printed original Green Cards will be accepted in the country of travel, not copies of any kind.
  • In addition to a Green Card, all drivers will require an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) which can be obtained from The Post Office. Without both documents, the vehicle will not be allowed in to the country. Please refer to the following link for further information: www.postoffice.co.uk/international-driving-permit


What if a policyholder travels without a Green Card?

They will be breaking the law and may be accused of driving without insurance. They could be subject to a fine, have their vehicle seized or face prosecution. The only other legal option available would be to purchase insurance locally when they arrive in the country (often known as ‘frontier insurance’). However, such insurance cover may not be widely available and may be more expensive than UK issued policies.


Action Required: Contact the team

To request a green card, please contact us 7-14 days prior to travelling with appropriate notice.   Please be aware the cost for this depends on your insurer, however, currently most insurers are not charging (this could change in the future).


 Contact us by phone

Telephone:         02380 268 351

 Contact us by email

Email us:              info@aib-insurance.co.uk

Given that Brexit is an ever-changing landscape, please keep an eye on any communications released by industry bodies such as BIBA and the ABI, who have created a Q&A document for consumers – https://www.abi.org.uk/products-and-issues/choosing-the-right-insurance/motor-insurance/travelling-to-the-eu-if-a-no-deal-brexit/

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