Whilst Defrosting Your Car Don’t Leave It Unattended

DefrostIt is that time of year when you wake up to find that there has been a severe frost meaning that you or, if you are lucky, your partner needs to de-ice the car windows before setting off to work or dropping the children off at school. Time is usually at a premium first thing in a morning and nobody likes to stand outside in freezing temperatures scraping the ice off the windscreen.

Unfortunately, a lot of people make the mistake of popping out to their car, start the engine, put the heating on at full blast and then go straight back inside their warm home leaving the engine running with the keys still in the vehicle and have their breakfast or finish getting ready for work. Why do we say this is unfortunate?

Well, a lot of motorists do not realize that, if their vehicle is stolen by a car thief whilst being left say unattended on their drive or on the road outside the front of their home, their car insurance provider will not pay out should you submit a claim as this sort of situation is not covered on the policy. Needless to say, this would be devastating news as you could be left with having to pay out many thousands of pounds to find another vehicle and still have to maintain the car loan repayments on the vehicle that has been stolen.

It is also worth noting that, if you leave your car unattended on say a public road with the car engine running, you are breaking the law and could be subject to a fine if caught by the police. Furthermore, if you do not completely clear your car windows of snow and frost before driving it then you could be subject to a fine of £60 and also receive 3 penalty points on your driving license that could also mean your motor insurance premiums going up.

So, tempting as it may be, do not leave your car unattended with the engine running to defrost the windows otherwise it could end up being a costly decision in more ways than one. Instead, why not get up a few minutes earlier than normal, wrap yourself up to keep warm and get the ice scrapper out and get rid of the unwanted snow and ice from all the windows on your vehicle.

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