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One-Armed Motorcyclist Hopes To Take Part In TT Race

Chris GanleyThose of you interested in motorcycling will no doubt be aware that the Isle of Man TT Race is possibly one of the most dangerous racing events that a motor bike rider is likely to take part in. There have been numerous fatal accidents during the races as the bikes travel at huge speeds around country roads on the beautiful, tranquil island.

Well, Chris Ganley who is 28 years of age and who used to serve in the Armed Forces is planning to take part in the racing event in 2023. However, it should be noted that Mr Ganley would be doing so with only one arm making him the first biker to do this with such an impairment.

Regrettably, back in 2014, he was unfortunately involved in an accident on a motorbike resulting in him loosing his left arm. However, the tenacious motorcyclist was back riding a motorbike that had been specially adapted a mere six months after the almost fatal accident. Mr Ganley is obviously a very good motorcyclist as he came third in his first race that he took part in after his operation.

The motorbike in question is a Yamaha R1 that has been modified so that the braking and clutch controls are on the right hand side of the vehicle thus helping him operate the motorcycle.

It sounds like he is a determined motorcyclist who loves the sport and we wish him well in his attempt to prepare for racing in the Isle of Man TT Race.TT

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