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Rare Classic 1930’s Motorcycle Sold At Auction

This 1933 Matchless Model B Silver Hawk 593 cc classic motorbike with the registration number YD6392 was one of only 500 that were sold between 1931 and 1935. Furthermore, it is believed that only around 60 of these wonderful bikes are in existence today making it a rather rare motorcycle.YD6392

It is interesting to note that, back in 1933, brand new Matchless Model B Silver Hawk 593 cc motorbikes sold for the princely sum of £72. When production ceased four years later in 1935 you would have had to pay a little more for a new one as they had gone up in price to £79 – an increase of £7.

Well, earlier this month, this motorbike was offered for sale through auctioneers Dee Atkinson & Harrison at an auction in Driffield, East Yorkshire. It was sold for the sum of £43,000 – a substantial increase in value.

This vintage motorcycle had a number of owners from March 1933 when it was registered in Taunton, Somerset to Mr AC Thomason. There is a gap in its ownership history until 1949 when it was bought by Mr E Randall from Bexley, Kent. In 1954 it was sold to Mr R Hooker residing in Crayford, Kent. In 1957 it was purchased by Mr PF Smith-Stafford. Up until then the motorcycle had been registered as a Sidecar Bicycle but later that year its registration was changed to it being a Bicycle. Following Mr Smith-Stafford’s death in 2009 the Silver Hawk motorcycle was sold at a Bonhams auction in Harrogate, North Yorkshire to Mr D Law who lived in Hull achieving a sale price of £28,000.Motorbike

Whilst in Mr Hull’s possession, restoration work commenced on the motorbike but, unfortunately, he passed away whilst this work was underway. A Mr P Autherson took over the restoration project. Having completed the work the Silver Hawk was then auctioned achieving the figure stated above.

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British Motorbike Sells For World Record At Auction

If you are a classic motorcycle enthusiast then you may well be aware that the Brough Superior  motorbike is known as the Rolls-Royce of such modes of transport. It is an extremely desirable, sought after motorcycle with only ten of the Brough Superior 750cc BS4 models being built of which only seven remain.Brough Superior 750cc BS4

Well, last year, eight Brough Superior motorcycles were discovered in a Cornish village. Apart from the BS4 model the collection also included the SS100, SS80 and the 11-50HP models. They were manufactured back in the 1920’s and 1930’s but these were in need of restoration having been found in barns either whole or in pieces and covered in dust.

The last owner of these classic bikes had owned them since the 1960s but he sadly passed away last year. It is believed that they have not been on the road for around 50 years.
The unrestored motorbikes recently came up for sale at a Bonhams auction of collectors’ motorbikes being described as “ The Broughs of Bodmin Moor”.

Brough Superior 750cc BS4 The 1938 Brough Superior 750cc BS4 model was expected to fetch in the region of £80,000 to £120,000. Well, there was obviously so much interest in this bike that it eventually was sold to a bidder from Germany for £331,900. This is a world auction record not only for a motorbike manufactured in Britain but also for the Brough Superior model.

There were a number of other classic motorcycles sold at the auction some of which also broke world records.

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