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How To Reduce The Possibility Of Being Burgled This Christmas

Christmas is an occasion for families to meet and exchange presents before enjoying a slap-up Christmas lunch together. However, not wishing to put a damper on things but the lead up to Christmas is also a popular time for burglars to break into homes with a view to stealing those lovely gifts.

Christmas TreeAccording to research carried out for Co-operative Insurance, around 42% of people will have already bought their Christmas gifts by the 22 November. During the period 23 November to 6 December about 33% of people will be doing their Christmas shopping. That means three-quarters of us will have done our festive shopping with still more than two weeks remaining before Santa comes down the chimney.

On average, we spend in the region of £437 buying Christmas gifts for our friends and relatives and up to 6% of people anticipate spending in excess of £1,000 on them this festive period. That presents a burglar with a wonderful opportunity to upset a few families by breaking into their homes and stealing those items.

So, what can you do to reduce the likelihood of someone getting into the house and removing those gifts?

Well, you will be pleased to hear that the Co-operative Insurance actually went to the trouble of speaking with 25 ex-burglars with a view to finding out what would make them think twice about trying to break into a particular property. Below are some of the major deterrents: –

1. 26% of burglars would avoid homes that are protected by security lights that are motion activated.
2. 22% of burglars would not go near a property that has CCTV cameras in place.
3. 15% of burglars are put off by dogs barking in homes.
4. 11% of burglars would not try to break into a property that has a burglar alarm that is professionally monitored.Security Camera

Very kindly, these ex-burglars also pointed out some things that homeowners do that leave them vulnerable to being broken into: –

a. Not taking the post out of the letterbox.
b. Curtains always being open.
c. Leaving the curtains shut and then going on holiday.
d. Items inside the home being left on display.

We trust that the above has been of use to our many customers and let us hope that none of you are faced with having to make a claim on your contents insurance over the Christmas period. In this respect, why not check how much cover you have to make sure that it is adequate. Some insurers increase the level of cover leading up to and shortly after Christmas with a view to insuring those presents that you have kindly purchased for family and friends. If you do require any guidance in respect of your home insurance why not give us a call here at AIB Insurance on 02380 268 351.