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World Skydiving Record Broken By Group Of Women

Skydiving RecordIf you participate in skydiving then you may be interested to read that on Sunday 27th November 2016 a large group of ladies broke a skydiving world record.

This world record skydiving attempt was for the most number of women who descended vertically facing downwards holding onto each other in a formation. It took place over the desert in Arizona and involved 65 women. At around 6,000 metres, they jumped from a number of planes on the above Sunday morning. Whilst free-falling at great speed they eventually were able to manoeuvre themselves so that they were able to link each other’s arms and then rapidly descend vertically for several seconds. The group then broke up and, when safe to do so, their parachutes were opened and they all landed on the ground.

This world record attempt had been prepared for over the last couple of years. Various training sessions had taken place with the ladies participating in the jump coming from numerous countries around the world. There were a lot more than the 65 women who had wanted to attempt the record but quite a few were eliminated during trials.

Including additional training, it actually took 16 jumps spread over about a week before this particular skydiving world record was broken.Skydiving Record

It will be interesting to see how long it will be before another group of women attempt to break the same record.

Whilst writing, we thought that you might like to hear of another skydiving world record that was recently broken. This took place on Thursday 17th November 2016 with this being Guinness World Records Day. Martin Rees, in the UK, skydived from several thousand feet and completed 11 magic tricks whilst doing so. He now holds the world record for the most number of magic tricks carried out in one skydiving descent.

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