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Paraglider Achieves Guinness World Record

Those of you who enjoy paragliding will no doubt be interested to read that an estate agent by the name of James Du Pavey from Market Drayton has featured in the Guinness World Records for the  “Fastest journey from Land’s End to John-O’- Groats by powered paraglider”. His airborne trip took place from the 8th to the 9th July 2019 and took 1 day 12 hours and 19 minutes.

He actually took off from John O’Groats on the 8th July 2019 at 3.30am completing the trip in just over 36 hours. During the epic journey in the paraglider he reached a height of 10,000 feet. Unfortunately, he had to make three emergency landings but was unharmed. Obviously he needed to stop on a number of occasions to refuel during the 870 mile trip.  No doubt somewhat concerningly, his engine ceased to function when he was a mere six miles from Land’s End but he still made it. He was ably supported by a two man ground crew during the lengthy trip.

You will be pleased to read that James Du Pavey has raised more than £12,000 for the Donna Louise Hospice for children and young people that is located in Stoke on Trent as a result of this paragliding world record breaking journey. Those monies will obviously be put to extremely good use by the hospice.

We are sure that our paragliding clients will no doubt like to join the staff here at AIB Insurance in congratulating James Du Pavey for such a wonderful achievement. He must have been absolutely exhausted by the time he eventually came down to land for the final occasion at the end of the journey.

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Mother And Daughter Plan To Fly Around The World In Microlight

Audrey Deepika Meben Anyone who has broken a world record is to be admired as it often involves a great deal of determination, courage and self-sacrifice. Well in February of next year, if everything goes according to plan a mother and her daughter are going to attempt to set a world record as they take off in a fixed wing microlight aircraft and try to fly around the world in a period of 80 days covering in the region of 50,000 kilometers with such a fete never having been achieved by two Indian women together.

The ladies in question are Audrey Deepika Meben who is 42 years of age and a flying instructor and her 19 year old daughter by the name of Amy Mehta who is a student photographer. Both ladies come from Karnataka that is situated in the south west area of India. It is hoped that the flight will increase awareness for Women Empowerment.

The pair will take off from Jakkur airport in the south of the country and pass through the likes of Japan, Iceland, USA, Afghanistan, Russia and Pakistan before returning to Jakkur. In total it is expected that the plane will land in at least 21 countries. The plane in question will have two fuel tanks capable of carrying around 60 liters of fuel meaning that the aircraft is capable of staying in the air for at least 4.5 hours. It is expected that the microlight aircraft will be required to make a minimum of 54 landings.

Amy Mehta will no doubt be using her photographic skills to take some wonderful, breathtaking photos of their epic global journey in the skies. The plane is capable of traveling at a height of around 7,500 feet and the flights will be made during daylight.

Microlight It is to be hoped that the weather is kind to them and that both women complete the journey in safety with nothing untoward happening on the way. We are sure that you will agree that they are to be admired. Here at AIB Insurance we wish them both all the best for their record-breaking attempt early next year.

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Tandem Skydiving World Record Attempt By 101 Year Old

SkydiveSkydiving is not for the faint hearted as jumping from a plane at heights of several thousand feet could prove stressful for some people. Well, at the tender age of 101, that does not appear to concern Bryson William Verndun Hayes who likes to be called Verndun.

This brave Second World war veteran plans to do a tandem skydive on the 13th May at Skydive Buzz near Honiton in Devon. Supporting him and making the jump will be several members of his family as well as his doctor.

Apparently, he had wanted to skydive when he was 90 but his family persuaded him otherwise. However, this is not the first time that he has been skydiving as Verdun currently holds the British record for the oldest person to do a tandem skydive from 10,000 feet which he achieved in 2016 when he was 100 years of age and thoroughly enjoyed the thrilling experience. If he is successful on the 13th May he will hold the world record for being the world’s oldest tandem skydiver jumping from 10,000 feet taking the record from a Canadian who was a few days younger than Verndun when setting the record in 2013.Tandem Skydiving

No doubt our many skydiving clients will join us here at AIB Insurance in wishing Verndun good luck for his very special day and that he has a wonderful experience and a safe landing.

Any monies raised by Verndum are for the benefit of the Royal British Legion.

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World Skydiving Record Broken By Group Of Women

Skydiving RecordIf you participate in skydiving then you may be interested to read that on Sunday 27th November 2016 a large group of ladies broke a skydiving world record.

This world record skydiving attempt was for the most number of women who descended vertically facing downwards holding onto each other in a formation. It took place over the desert in Arizona and involved 65 women. At around 6,000 metres, they jumped from a number of planes on the above Sunday morning. Whilst free-falling at great speed they eventually were able to manoeuvre themselves so that they were able to link each other’s arms and then rapidly descend vertically for several seconds. The group then broke up and, when safe to do so, their parachutes were opened and they all landed on the ground.

This world record attempt had been prepared for over the last couple of years. Various training sessions had taken place with the ladies participating in the jump coming from numerous countries around the world. There were a lot more than the 65 women who had wanted to attempt the record but quite a few were eliminated during trials.

Including additional training, it actually took 16 jumps spread over about a week before this particular skydiving world record was broken.Skydiving Record

It will be interesting to see how long it will be before another group of women attempt to break the same record.

Whilst writing, we thought that you might like to hear of another skydiving world record that was recently broken. This took place on Thursday 17th November 2016 with this being Guinness World Records Day. Martin Rees, in the UK, skydived from several thousand feet and completed 11 magic tricks whilst doing so. He now holds the world record for the most number of magic tricks carried out in one skydiving descent.

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Paragliding World Record Broken

ParagliderWe are sure that all our paragliding customers will be interested to read that a new world record has been set for paragliding. The record was broken in Brazil on the 9th October 2015 by three residents of that country – Marcelo Prieto, Donizete Lemos and Frank Brown with the first two taking to the sky using Ozone Enzo 2s and the later using a GIN Boomerang 10.

The launch got under way from Tacima in the north east of Brazil quite early in the morning at 6.20am. 11 hours and 20 minutes later the three paragliders had travelled an incredible 513km. This breaks the previous paragliding world record achieved by Nevil Hulett back in December 2008 when he achieved a distance of 502.9km in South Africa.

For the majority of the exciting journey the three travelled close together and it was felt that this played an important part in them being able to break the world record that has yet to be verified. In fact, the three all managed to land in the same field having completed their epic flight. Apparently, during the first hour in the air, the winds were quite light but for the remainder of the flight racing speeds were achieved no doubt aiding progress considerably.Paraglider

For anyone that has taken part in paragliding, you will be aware just what a wonderful achievement travelling such a distance is. The effort required in being able to keep in the air for such a long period of time is substantial.

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