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Schoolgirls Build Microlight

MicrolightThere are no doubt many schools around the UK at which they encourage their pupils to get involved in constructing things but there surely cannot be many that have built something as large or as complex as a working, flying microlight. Well, that is exactly what has happened at Benenden School.

The boarding school is located in Cranbrook in the Kent countryside and has 551 girls aged 11 to 18 years. It dates back to 1923.

It was back in September 2016 that work started on building the micolight aircraft with 28 girls giving up two hours of their time after school one evening a week. Their work was supervised by a number of members of staff. The British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA) was also involved and actually owns the finished microlight. It is interesting that the registration mark on the plane is G-GRLS – what a wonderful idea.

On Sunday the 1st July 2018 all the girls hard work came to fruition when the microlight, having gone through various safety tests, took to the skies taking off from Headcorn Aerodrome in Kent. Various instructors took the pupils up in the micolight on different flights so that they could all experience a trip in the light aircraft. Even the headmistress got to go up in the aircraft. No doubt a wonderful time was had by all and here at AIB Insurance we would like to congratulate the girls on completing such a wonderful project. What will the girls want to build next?

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Mother And Daughter Plan To Fly Around The World In Microlight

Audrey Deepika Meben Anyone who has broken a world record is to be admired as it often involves a great deal of determination, courage and self-sacrifice. Well in February of next year, if everything goes according to plan a mother and her daughter are going to attempt to set a world record as they take off in a fixed wing microlight aircraft and try to fly around the world in a period of 80 days covering in the region of 50,000 kilometers with such a fete never having been achieved by two Indian women together.

The ladies in question are Audrey Deepika Meben who is 42 years of age and a flying instructor and her 19 year old daughter by the name of Amy Mehta who is a student photographer. Both ladies come from Karnataka that is situated in the south west area of India. It is hoped that the flight will increase awareness for Women Empowerment.

The pair will take off from Jakkur airport in the south of the country and pass through the likes of Japan, Iceland, USA, Afghanistan, Russia and Pakistan before returning to Jakkur. In total it is expected that the plane will land in at least 21 countries. The plane in question will have two fuel tanks capable of carrying around 60 liters of fuel meaning that the aircraft is capable of staying in the air for at least 4.5 hours. It is expected that the microlight aircraft will be required to make a minimum of 54 landings.

Amy Mehta will no doubt be using her photographic skills to take some wonderful, breathtaking photos of their epic global journey in the skies. The plane is capable of traveling at a height of around 7,500 feet and the flights will be made during daylight.

Microlight It is to be hoped that the weather is kind to them and that both women complete the journey in safety with nothing untoward happening on the way. We are sure that you will agree that they are to be admired. Here at AIB Insurance we wish them both all the best for their record-breaking attempt early next year.

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