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How To Reduce The Possibility Of Your Motorcycle Being Stolen

There are just under 1.3 million motorcycles registered here in the UK and, unfortunately, it is estimated that in the region of 30,000 are stolen every year – that is 2.3%. Regrettably, only about 40% of the motorcycles stolen are believed to be recovered and returned to their legal owners

So, what can you do to reduce the possibility of your motorbike being stolen? Well, it will come as no surprise to read that there is an awful lot of advice on the Internet but below we mention some of the things that can be done to help deter the theft of your beloved bike.


A thief is often looking for a particular model of motorbike to steal so a cover should act as a deterrent. In view of the additional time taken to remove a cover that should also put off some thieves.


A grip lock will secure the throttle and brake controls and a disc lock will assist in securing the front brake disc. Thread a chain lock through the back wheel.


A Thatcham approved alarm system incorporating immobilization and tracking devices should help act as a deterrent but also locate the vehicle should it be stolen.

Mark the parts

Property marking the parts should help deter the thief as the parts would be difficult for a thief to sell. The parts can also be identified as coming from a particular stolen bike.

Parking your motorcycle

If you are out and about on your bike perhaps to go for a meal on an evening then don’t park it in a dimly lit side street. Instead park it in a well-lit car park or in a well lit street along which there is a regular flow of pedestrians.

Where to keep your motorcycle at home

Either leave it in your locked garage or locked shed. In addition, why not have a ground anchor fitted.

If you do not have a garage or shed then park it in a visible location in a well-lit place and make sure it is secured perhaps to a lamp post.

Motorcycle Insurance

You will obviously want to make sure that you have quality motorcycle insurance in place. Here at AIB Insurance, we have an extensive panel of insurers so why not give us a call on 02380 268 351 and speak with a knowledgeable, friendly member of our team who will discuss your requirements and obtain a tailor-made quotation for your consideration.

AIB Introduce Danny To The Team!

We are delighted to announce Daniel Denton joining our team in Eastleigh as one of our Insurance Consultants.

Danny has a wide range of insurance knowledge having previously worked for insurance broker, Swinton Insurance, before moving to a car leasing firm in 2015.

“As far as Insurance is concerned this is my dream job, talking about fast cars and motorcycles all day what could be better” Danny said.

Danny who lives locally is a keen motorcycle rider with a vast knowledge of motorcycle maintenance and repairs. His true love is his Aprilla RSV 1000 motorcycle, he has a cat with one eye called Jeffery and loves most German beers.

AIB spokesperson, Bethany Hepworth, said “We are delighted to have another great addition to our team in Eastleigh. Danny has a fantastic professional relationship with both clients and underwriters ensuring he gets the best rates possible, something we pride ourselves with here at AIB”.

British Mother Smashes Land Speed Record On Motorcycle

All you motorbike enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that a British lady has set a world record on her motorcycle. She beat the previous record held by an American woman by 20mph making her the fastest woman on two wheels on a conventional motorcycle.

Becci Ellis is 46 years of age and a mother of two. She works as an IT analyst and comes from Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire.

At Elvington airfield in North Yorkshire she made history reaching a top speed of 264.1mph. The previous record was 243.6mph and had been set in September 2013.
What makes this all the more remarkable is that the off-the shelf Suzuki Hayabusa 1300cc motorbike was bought second hand back in 2008 originally with the intention of using its spare parts. The Suzuki Hayabusa was first manufactured back in 1999 and was renowned as the world’s fastest production motorbike.Motorcycle Insurance

Becci has loved motorcycles from a very early age – from 9 years of age in fact. She met her husband when she was 25. He used to be a motorbike drag racer back in the 1970s and spent a couple of years working on the 500bhp bike that included producing a unique turbo system to give the bike the extra power that it required to make the record breaking attempt. She can get to 90mph in first gear.

The bike, with 25,000 miles on the clock, powered along a I mile course at the airfield in just over 20 seconds. That is speed of breath taking proportions. She now becomes the 4th fastest rider on the planet and has achieved this on a bike that would only need to have indicator, front and backlights fitted to make it legally useable on the UK public road system.

Becci feels that it will be many years before her record will be broken by someone else but intends to keep trying to break her own record. Although she realises what she does is dangerous she claims to have no fear.

Well-done Becci!

AIB Insurance can provide motorcycle insurance and have a panel of bike insurance specialist’s, offering tailored insurance that provide healthy discounts for the low mileage users, garaging and length of ownership. Give the team a call on 02380 268351 who will be happy to help.