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Army Parachutist Survives 5,000 Foot Jump That Goes Wrong

Those of you who enjoy the thrill of parachuting will be aware of the dangers and that on rare occasions things can go wrong. Well, that would appear what happened to an Army Parachute Display team member recently here in the UK.

The parachutist, who has not been named, was parachuting over Eastbourne in East Sussex and it was intended that those taking part would land in the sea. Unfortunately, this particular parachutist seemed to get into difficulty whilst participating in a 5,000 foot jump and ended up descending to dry land. Miraculously, the person involved is said to have only suffered a few minor grazes. Apparently, the St Johns Ambulance Service and the police provided assistance.

Let’s hope that the person involved makes a full recovery and is soon taking to the skies again.

Coincidentally, it has also been reported that a female skydiver near Quebec, Canada who is 30 years of age has been involved in a skydiving accident that also involved a jump from a similar height. Apparently, not only the main parachute but also the reserve one failed to open and she plunged to the ground landing in trees. Fortunately, she has survived but has a number of broken bones that will probably not come as a surprise to our readers. We wish her a speedy recovery.

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Parachutist “Surfboards” On A Wing-Suited Flyer

Wing-Suited FlyerWe have previously made reference to the airborne pursuit involving flying through the air in a wingsuit but we wonder how many of you have heard of Extreme Relevant Work that is also known as XRW? This is a skydiving discipline.

This involves someone wearing a wingsuit jumping out of a plane from several thousand feet to be closely followed by another individual who skydives from the door of the plane who is wearing a small parachute. The skydiver manoeuvres into a position mid-air so that he or she is able to surfboard on the person in the wingsuit who is facing upwards.

This feat was recently completed by four people over the Zephyr Hills in Florida from a height of 13,500 feet. Those taking part were Iain Jensen 31, Lane Paquin 28, Avalon Wolf 25 and Brayden Jones 29. As can be seen from the images, this appears to be a very difficult set of manoeuvres and those taking part are to be commended for their ability to complete such a pursuit without any harm coming to anyone. It will be interesting to see if this extreme sport takes off here in the UK. It certainly does not appear to be for the faint hearted and there is no doubt that anyone attempting such a thing must be highly experienced in either skydiving or flying through the air in a wingsuit.

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