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Lady Accused Of Severing Hand And Claiming On Insurance Policy

Apparently, a female has been accused by the police force in Slovenia of deliberately getting a member of her family to help her cut off one of her hands. So, why would someone do such a thing?

Well, it is claimed that the 21-year-old lady, not too long ago, took out an insurance policy that would pay out in the event of an injury. This policy is believed to have provided cover in the event of such a claim for in the region of a lump sum of 400,000 Euros plus 3,000 Euros per month. We are sure that you will agree these are significant sums of money.

It is claimed that a circular saw was used to severe the woman’s hand from just above her wrist. We are sure that you will agree this does sound rather gruesome and, if proved to be correct, shows what extreme lengths someone will go to try to defraud an insurance company.

Apparently, the woman in question along with a relative of hers are in police custody and could end up spending as long as 8 years in prison if found guilty of what they have been accused of.

It is also claimed that some relatives of the woman who is under investigation got her to the hospital but did not bring the hand that had been cut off with them and informed hospital staff she had been sawing some branches at the time the injury took place. Subsequently, the lady’s hand has been located and re-attached to her arm.

If her and the detained relative are found guilty then they could face as long as 8 years in prison.

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Not The Best Location To Land Your Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air BalloonTaking to the air in a hot air balloon is a wonderful adventure enjoyed by many enthusiasts around the world. Once airborne and the desired height has been reached a peaceful flight is normally had by all who cannot fail but to enjoy the spectacular scenery.

Of course, finding a suitable landing spot does not always go according to plan especially if the weather changes whilst airborne. However, even if the scheduled landing spot is missed it is usually possible to find somewhere else that is equally as safe to land. For instance, there is normally a farmer’s field to land your hot air balloon in perhaps with the offer of a bottle of whisky or wine as a thank you to the landowner.

Well, you may be interested to read that the landing of a hot air balloon in Florida, USA did not quite go according to plan. Unfortunately, the wind meant that the pilot was unable to land exactly where he had hoped to. Instead, to avoid, power lines, the pilot landed the hot air balloon in a pond resulting in the 16 passengers and the pilot getting rather wet.

Fortunately, the basket landed the right way up in the water but as it drifted towards the bankside the basket turned over. Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured which is perhaps rather lucky as in the pond were a number of alligators but they paid no attention to the hot air balloon or the passengers.Hot Air Balloon

The pilot received a lot of praise for his skill at avoiding the power lines. Apparently, he is an experienced hot air balloon pilot with in excess of 2,000 hours in the sky. Let us hope that his next trip is less traumatic.

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