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Lady Accused Of Severing Hand And Claiming On Insurance Policy

Apparently, a female has been accused by the police force in Slovenia of deliberately getting a member of her family to help her cut off one of her hands. So, why would someone do such a thing?

Well, it is claimed that the 21-year-old lady, not too long ago, took out an insurance policy that would pay out in the event of an injury. This policy is believed to have provided cover in the event of such a claim for in the region of a lump sum of 400,000 Euros plus 3,000 Euros per month. We are sure that you will agree these are significant sums of money.

It is claimed that a circular saw was used to severe the woman’s hand from just above her wrist. We are sure that you will agree this does sound rather gruesome and, if proved to be correct, shows what extreme lengths someone will go to try to defraud an insurance company.

Apparently, the woman in question along with a relative of hers are in police custody and could end up spending as long as 8 years in prison if found guilty of what they have been accused of.

It is also claimed that some relatives of the woman who is under investigation got her to the hospital but did not bring the hand that had been cut off with them and informed hospital staff she had been sawing some branches at the time the injury took place. Subsequently, the lady’s hand has been located and re-attached to her arm.

If her and the detained relative are found guilty then they could face as long as 8 years in prison.

Here in the UK, a Personal Accident Plan will usually pay out a lump sum for a legitimate claim due to a certain occurrence such as the loss of a limb. If this is something you are interested in then why not give us a call here at AIB Insurance on 02380 268 351 and a member of our team will be pleased to discuss your requirements and obtain a competitive quotation for your consideration without any obligation.

Record Set For Average Amount Claimed On Motor Insurance Policies

Car CrashThe Association of British Insurers (ABI) has recently published some interesting statistics relating to claims on motor insurance policies. Specifically, it has revealed that the average amount paid out last year for each motor insurance claim was the largest amount since records started to be kept for this sort of cover.

The figure was £2,936. Apparently, a couple of reasons why this sort of cover hit a record was down to the fact that the cost of repairing a motor vehicle has gone up as well as the amount paid out to meet claims when a car is stolen has risen which happens all too often.

Last year, a staggering £8.1 billion was paid out by insurers to meet all motor insurance claims. This was a similar figure to 2016. It would be potentially good news if the amount of such claims fell in 2018 and beyond as this is one of the many factors that affect how much insurance companies charge for their car insurance. Perhaps if the amount paid out for claims was to fall, we may see a reduction in the cost of our motor insurance policies.

Another interesting statistic is that the average amount paid out for a claim in respect of personal injury was £10,816 in quarter four of 2017. This is a large sum and is also a factor that Personal Injurydictates how much a motor insurance provider charges new and existing customers who renew their cover. Again, it would be lovely if we were to see the average amount paid out for a personal injury claim to drop as this is another factor that may impact on the amount motor insurance providers charge for their cover.

Apparently, the number of claims submitted for personal injury dropped slightly in 2017 when compared with 2016. Of the claims submitted, there were 320,000 that insurers agreed to pay out for.

Of course, policyholders would prefer not to have to be faced with having to claim on their car insurance policies but when they do it is important that they are confident that the insurance company the cover is arranged with will pay out in the event of a claim as quickly and effortlessly as possible. So, if you are looking for quality motor insurance that is not only competitively priced but also where the insurance company is well known for the number of claims that they agree to meet, then why not get in touch with us on 02380 268 351 and a member of our team will gladly do all that he or she can to assist.

UK General Insurers Pay Out Over £56 Million A Day

ABIThe Association of British Insurers (ABI) has recently published statistics showing that, last year, general insurance companies paid out £56.7 million a day to policyholders. This included payouts for people that had the likes of protection, home, motor and business insurance policies.

Claims payouts for damage to property amounted to £15 million a day. Of that figure, £6.9 million was paid out daily in respect of commercial claims that were made by owners of businesses. The balance of £8.1 million per day was paid out to owners of residential properties so no doubt included things like damage to properties caused by fire and flood and subsidence.

Payments were made to motorists totaling £28.6 million per day who claimed on their motor insurance policies. This sum will no doubt have been paid to cover the likes of claims for personal injuries such as whiplash and for damage to vehicles that were either repaired or had to be replaced.

Travel insurers paid out £1 million a day to holidaymakers who claimed on their travel insurance policies no doubt for things like medical expenses, flight delays and lost luggage.

Insurance companies providing protection cover including life, terminal illness, income protection and critical illness insurance paid out £9.9 million every day to policyholders and beneficiaries to provide financial support at a time of need.Claims

Trade credit insurance policies paid out £400,000 a day. This sort of cover assisted businesses that were owed monies by another business that was unable to pay the sum outstanding.

We are a nation of pet lovers and many people choose to insure their pets. You may be interested to know that £1.8 million was paid out every day in 2015 towards vet bills.

You may also be interested to note that, according to figures recently issued by the ABI, in 2014 and 2015, 84% of claims on house insurance policies were paid out, 99% of claims on private motor insurance policies were met and 87% of claims on travel insurance policies were paid out.

Here at AIB Insurance, we will gladly endeavor to assist any of our clients who wish to make a claim in respect of a policy that was arranged through ourselves. In this respect, please give us a call on 02380 268 351.

Whiplash Claims Clampdown Could Benefit Motorists

As many of you will be aware, the cost of car insurance has been rising in the last 12 months or so for a number of reasons. One of the factors that effects premiums for such cover is the amount that insurance companies pay out for claims made by people who have suffered personal injuries.

WhiplashWhilst the majority of such claims are no doubt perfectly legitimate, there are unfortunately some whiplash claims that are submitted by a number of motorists that are either fraudulent or inflated. Unfortunately, the honest motorist suffers financially as a result of such claims by paying higher motor insurance premiums.

It is interesting that there has been a drop in the number of road traffic accidents yet, rather surprisingly, there has been a 50% increase in the number of whiplash claims being received by insurers here in the UK in comparison to 10 years ago.

Well, the Ministry of Justice has produced a consultation paper in respect of whiplash claims and it is hoped that, should the suggestions put forward be implemented, it could save the insurance industry in the region of £1 billion. Insurance companies have agreed to pass on any savings to its motor insurance policyholders. As a result, motorists could see their premiums reducing by in the region of £40 per annum.2fb38cdd00000578-3380021-image-a-3_1451559066430

Some of the measures proposed include increasing the current £1,000 personal injury claims limit to £5,000 that can be dealt with in the small claims court, putting a ceiling of £425 on how much someone can claim for a minor whiplash injury which is considerably less than the £1,850 that is being paid out on average for such claims at the present time and medical evidence would have to be provided to prove the injury before a compensation payment is made.

The consultation process is to be in place until the 6th January 2017. We are sure that you will agree that anything that can be done to lower the cost of motor insurance is to be welcomed.