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Fatalities Caused By Drink Driving Increase

A Department for Transport publication produced on the 28th August 2019 has revealed that the number of deaths caused by drink driving in 2017 in Great Britain increased when compared with the previous year. Needless to say, we are sure that our readers will agree this is concerning.

Apparently, the central estimate of the number of people killed when either at least one driver or a rider was above the drink drive limit in 2017 was 250. In 2016 the figure was 230 so that is an increase of almost 9% – a worrying increase.

It is estimated that 8,600 people were either injured or killed in Great Britain in 2017 in road traffic accidents due to at least one driver or rider being above the drink drive limit. In 2016 the figure was 9,040 so that is a drop of 5%. Back in 1979 there were in the region of 19,470 road traffic accidents caused by drink driving.

In 2017, Wales had the biggest percentage of casualties due to road traffic accidents caused by drink driving at 5.3%. In England it was 5.1% and in Scotland it was 4.3%.

On a regional basis in England in 2017, the percentage of casualties due to road traffic accidents caused by drink driving was: –

  1. East Midlands 2%
  2. East 8%
  3. South West 8%
  4. North East 8%
  5. South East 7%
  6. West Midlands 3%
  7. North West 8%
  8. Yorkshire & Humberside 5%
  9. London 6%

When you look at the gender of drivers or riders involved in drink driving accidents in 2017 where they were above the legal drink drive limit, male drivers and riders make up for 79% and females account for 21%.

The penalty for someone being convicted of a drink driving offence can vary depending upon a number of factors that may include the likes of points on a driving license, being banned from driving for a period of time, a fine and imprisonment. It may also result in having to pay more for motor insurance as there are fewer insurance companies who will consider providing cover for someone who has a drink driving offence.