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Car of the Week…MGB GT

The car of the week this week is the stylish MGB GT!



The epitome of a classic British roadster, the MGB GT was in production for 18 years without a single alteration to iconic body shape. This sought after vehicle was the best selling MG model of all time! A car built to drive on the track the windscreen was specifically designed for track specifications.



Mr A knows his classic MGB GT will always be safe to take the racing line with thanks to his caring insurance package from AIB giving him agreed value, choice of repairer and salvage retention! If you have a beloved classic car of your own than think no further than AIB insurance.



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Thank you Mr A for sharing your gorgeous MGB GT!

Council Organizing Frequent Classic Car Rallies

It will not come as a surprise to hear that the owner of a classic car will purchase his or her pride and joy for one or more reasons. It could be as a financial investment keeping it under lock and key in a garage never to see the light of day until it is finally sold for a considerable profit. It may be as a restoration project to return the vehicle to its former glory to then venture out in it on a beautiful Sunday afternoon with “the other half” touring the quiet British country lanes.

However, what is pleasing to note, is that more and more people are bringing their vehicles to classic car rallies to put them on display. This means that such cars are being seen by an increasing number of members of the public. As a result, this may encourage others to get the classic car “bug” and purchase one.Classic Car Show

In the main, such rallies tend to be organized by classic car owners’ clubs and take place once or twice a year. Well, you will be interested and pleased to read that we have heard of a council being heavily involved in organizing such rallies in their locality.

The council in question is Southend-on-Sea Borough Council and is to be congratulated for arranging regular rallies of classic cars in the town. These events are to take place at certain parts of the seafront where the cars will be on display for the community to look at. In fact, 20 owners of pre-1970 classic cars will also be able to pop into a restaurant on the seafront and tuck into a breakfast for free.

So, if you fancy showing off your classic car on certain Sunday mornings and enjoy a delightful breakfast why not contact Lisa Ferne on 01702 215119 who is the council’s strategic events manager for further information and register for one of the rallies. Be sure to book your place early so that you are not disappointed.

The dates of the rallies are Sunday March 30, April 27, May 25, June 22 and September 28.