ABI Encourages Homeowners To Make Sure Properties Are In Good State Of Repair

With winter quickly approaching, the Association Of British Insurers (ABI) is recommending that both owners of homes and businesses make sure that there properties are in a good state of repair. This should help reduce the number of claims being made by people on their buildings and contents insurance policies here in the UK.

Apparently, on a daily basis, insurance companies pay out in the region of £14.3 million to owners of homes and businesses to meet claims from people in respect of replacing damaged content and carry out repairs due to adverse weather conditions resulting in properties suffering burst pipes and floods.

You may find the following suggestions made by the ABI of benefit to help ensure that your property is better able to cope with the ravages of winter: –

  • Arrange for your roof on your home or business premises to be checked to make sure that it is watertight and that there are definitely no loose or missing roof tiles. This sort of job is best left to a professional for safety reasons.
  • Find out where the stopcock is in the property and that it is working correctly.
  • Make sure that the gutters are free of debris and that they are not overflowing due to their being a blockage.
  • Check that the smoke alarm is working correctly.
  • Make sure that there are no visible damp patches in your property such as damage to a ceiling.
  • Make sure that water tanks in the loft and pipes are insulated.

Whilst it is not a legal requirement to have building and contents insurance in place covering your home and/or business premises as well as the contents and plant/machinery in them, it is a sensible course of action so that you can claim on such a policy when necessary.

In this respect, why not get in touch with a member of our team who has many years experience in arranging suitable, affordable cover who will be pleased to discuss your requirements and arrange for you to receive a competitive quotation without any obligation.

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