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Car Of The Day… Riley 9 Monaco

The car of the day today is the wonderful 1929 Riley 9 Monaco.



The Riley Nine was one of the most successful light sporting cars produced by the British motor industry in the inter war period. It was made by the Riley company of Coventry, England with a wide range of body styles between 1926 and 1938.




This beautiful classic is insured and has plenty benefits that we can offer at AIB. The policy has legal expenses cover, choice of repairer, agreed value and salvage retention.


We can offer additional benefits such as replacement vehicle and excess protection making sure your gorgeous classics are fully covered and there is no need to worry!




Call our friendly and knowledgeable classic car team on 02380 268351 for a bespoke quotation and see what benefits we can offer you today!


Thank you Mr B for allowing us to share the lovely photos of your Riley 9!



If you have a policy with us and would like to share the photos on our website and socials, email us at info@aib.co.uk

The Average Cost Of Insuring A Car Is Still Going Up

MotorEvery quarter, the Confused.com Car Insurance Price Index is published which looks at the average cost of fully comprehensive car insurance across the UK. The latest index covering the third quarter of 2017 provides some interesting data some of which we mention below.

Unfortunately, car insurance premiums have risen by an average of 14% per annum in the 12 months to the end of September 2017. In monetary terms this is an increase of £101 per annum from £737 per annum in the third quarter of 2016 to £838 per annum in the same quarter of this year. This is despite a small fall in premiums of 1% when comparing the second and third quarters of 2017.

It is no secret and not surprising that it is the young drivers who have to pay more for insuring their vehicles than the more mature, experienced motorist. For instance, a 17 year old is paying an average of £2,272 per annum whereas a 34 year old is paying an average of £705 per annum. It is interesting that a 51 year old driver is paying slightly more – an average of £717 per annum. A motorist who is 68 years of age is paying an average of £566 per annum to insure his or her car.

Despite the EU Gender Directive of December 2012, the average premium paid by a man for motor insurance is £890 per annum yet for women it is £774 per annum – a difference of £116 per annum.

On a regional basis, the average cost of someone living in the West Midlands to insure their car has gone up by more than anywhere else in the UK in the last 10 years. There has been a staggering rise of 87% in a decade. A driver in the Borders of Scotland has seen the largest average increase on a quarterly basis with a rise to £684 per annum that equates to an increase of 12% in the space of 3 months to September 2017.

It is being forecastMotor by some that car insurance premiums are likely to continue rising in 2018. Therefore, it is important that you shop around for your cover to try to obtain a competitive deal. In this respect, why not give us a call at AIB Insurance on 02380 268 351 and speak with a knowledgeable member of our staff who will do all that he or she can to obtain a competitive quotation from the extensive panel of reputable insurers we have at our disposal.

Car Insurance Premiums Continue To Increase

Confused.ComAccording to the Confused.com Car Insurance Price Index that is produced in association with Willis Towers Watson, motorists will be disappointed to read that, in the first quarter of 2017, fully comprehensive car insurance premiums rose. This has been a trend for quite some time and it remains to be seen when it will end.

Such premiums have increased by an average of 16% in the 12 months to 31st March 2017. In monetary terms, this equates to an average rise of £110 per annum that is no small sum. In fact, there has been an average increase of 2% per annum in the first quarter of this year with this equating to an extra £14 per annum. The cost of providing such cover at the end of the first quarter of 2017 had reached an average of £781 per annum.

Regrettably, every UK region saw an increase in premiums over a period of 12 months with the biggest percentage rise being in the Scottish Islands and Highlands that saw a rise of 21%. The Scottish Borders saw an increase of 19% but, interestingly, premiums in that region are still the lowest in the UK averaging £547 per annum.

Those motorists living in Inner London have seen their fully comprehensive car insurance premiums increase by an average of £174 per annum to £1,260 per annum in the 12 months to 31st March of this year. That equates to a rise of 16%. The South West saw an annual rise of 15% Traffic Jamalthough in the first quarter of 2017 the average premium in that region actually dropped by £1 per annum.

It is 66 year olds who have been subjected to the largest percentage increase with car insurance premiums going up by 23% in the last 12 months. The lowest increase in percentage terms was for 18 year olds who saw their premiums rise by an average of 9% although it is that age group who pay more for their motor insurance than anyone else with premiums being an average of £2,164 per annum.

With the cost of covering your car going up it is important that you shop around for a competitive deal. In that respect, why not speak to one of our experienced members of staff on 02380 268 351. AIB Insurance has access to an extensive panel of insurers and can help arrange cover on various makes and models of vehicle.