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Is Your Home At Risk Of Flooding?

HouseWe are now in autumn with the daylight hours rapidly getting shorter and it will not be long before winter is upon us. During these seasons, we can be subject to inclement weather such as heavy rainfall and snow. This may come as a surprise to many of you but, according to the Environment Agency, here in England there are 5.2 million homes that are at risk of being flooded. We are sure you will agree, that is a huge number. Many of the homes that are at risk of flooding are located near the coast, rivers and reservoirs.

However, what is rather concerning is that fewer than 10% of those homeowners believe that they are at risk of seeing their homes flooded with water. Also, a lesser percentage of people, have made contingency plans to deal with a flood.

Another concerning and sad statistic is that 36 people have lost their lives in England and Wales in the last 10 years due to flooding. Flooding has also had a negative impact on a lot of people’s mental health.

So, what can you do in the event of a flood warning? Well, if you have more than enough time, you may wish to focus on making sure that your family and pets are safe which may involve vacating the premises and moving to a safe temporary premises. If you have time, move your possessions and contents such as furniture upstairs out of harms way. Make sure that you have turned off the gas, electric and water.  You may wish to prepare a bag of food and non-alcoholic drinks and add some medicines such as pain relief tablets. You may also wish to have a supply of sandbags to be used to try to stop the floodwater getting in through the outside doors.

If you are in immediate danger then you should ring the emergency services on 999 and take their advice. Do not attempt to vacate the property if the flood levels are such that it is too dangerous to do so – far better to wait for the emergency services to rescue you either by land, water or air.

You may also wish to check to make sure that your household insurance covers you for loss and/or damage to the building, fixtures and fittings and the contents and personal belongings caused by flooding. Many household items that are damaged by flooding would need to be replaced with new items so it is important that your home insurance covers you for this.

In this respect, if you are looking for household insurance for the first time or require a quote to compare with your existing insurance, then why not get in touch with us here at AIB Insurance on 02380 268 351. We have an extensive panel of insurers at our disposal.

40% Of Landlords Are Women

Female LandlordsLandlords may like to set aside some time to read the Simple Landlords Insurance – Women in Property Report 2017 with 500 tenants and 400 landlords participating in the survey. The report contains many interesting statistics one of which is that around 40% of landlords here in the UK are now women.

Compare this with the fact that in the region of 17% of women are owners of business then the percentage of women that are landlords rather stands out. So, what are some of the differences in relation to male and female landlords?

Although the main reason why men and women invest in property is to generate monthly income, females were more likely to do so than men. A larger percentage of men invest for capital growth.

When a new tenant moves into a rental property women landlords are much more likely to speak to them than men. The same applies when the tenant moves out. However, there are a slightly greater percentage of women landlords who never personally speak to their tenants in comparison to male landlords.

Women landlords are more likely to rent to people that are on housing bHome Insuranceenefits as well as students, those people that have retired and single employed people than male landlords. Male landlords are more likely to rent to family tenants than female landlords are.

Most tenants did not mind whether their landlord was male or female. However, 15% of male tenants preferred a landlord that was male and 11% of females preferred a female landlord.

Female landlords were more likely to have a smaller portfolio of investment properties (1 to 2 properties) than men. Male landlords were more likely to have a larger portfolio of properties (3 to 10 plus properties) than female landlords.

Women landlords were less likely than their male counterparts to have bought an investment property to let out with the assistance of a buy-to-let mortgage. More women owned their investment properties outright than male landlords.

It is interesting that women landlords were more confident about the year ahead than male landlords in respect of their investment property portfolios.

More information can be found in the above report that may prove of interest to both male and female landlords.

If you are a landlord then why not get in touch with us here at AIB Insurance on 02380 268 351 and we will be happy to discuss your insurance requirements and obtain quotations from our extensive panel of insurers.